Client testimonials

"Tutor, Mr. Laher demonstrated excellent teaching methods using interactive programmes. My son was worried about science and was getting B/C grades but he achieved an 'A' in his common entrance exams."
Mrs W, London
"Thank you for the excellent tuition Matthew has received over the last year. Matthew achieved A* s in both Physics and Chemistry. Without the support from Mr Cox and Dr Cornell we doubt he would achieved..."
Mrs. W, Hampshire
"I would like to thank you for supplying me with an excellent tutor for my daughter Rebecca; her results from her last mock exam were brilliant and Sally Gill has proved to be a superb teacher. She was punctual...."
Mrs L, Essex
"The tutor was fantastic and had a great rapport with my son. From struggling with Latin, Keith's teaching lead to an 'A' in common entrance. Highly recommended!"
Mother of Student W, London
"Toby had his 2nd session tonight - tutor keith is superb, just lovely, I'd have him every night! Amelia really enjoyed tutor Briony too so we are V happy and V impressed and V grateful! I've taken advantage..."
Mrs. G, Twickenham
"Mr Spenlove-Brown prepared our daughter successfully for her entrance exams to senior school. His professional but relaxed manner encouraged confidence..."
Mr Osbourne, father of Charlotte aged 10, Bath.
"Tuition has transformed our daughter's chances of doing well in the exam from low 'D' to a predicted 'A'/'B' and the tutor has been such a pleasant visitor to our home."
Father of Sophie, Windsor, Berkshire
"We were very pleased with Mr. Booga's teaching; he is very pleasant and conscientious and a very effective teacher. My son has received an A grade for his examination..."
Father of Joe, Age 18 Bagshot, Surrey
The objective for Emily taking extra lessons with Vivienne Hunter was to increase her predicted A level biology grade to a C. In the January module she achieved a 'B' and was 2 marks off an 'A' and in the module..."
Mrs G. North Somerset
Private Tutors Special Offer

Private tuition in the UK and internationally

Fleet Tutors International

Fleet Tutors has 36 years of experience supporting over 100,000 students in the UK and internationally to fulfil their academic potential and benefit from a UK education.  Our service is discreet and very bespoke with an account manager who will understand your specific requirements so we find the right tutor for your family.

Our tutors

Our tutors are highly qualified with strong academic credentials, successful tutoring experience and a range of extra-curricular accomplishments. They are all vetted and interviewed to make sure they meet our high quality standards; only 1 in 5 tutors make the grade.  We have over 5,000 tutors throughout the UK so can always find one that suits your needs.

Fleet Tutors' services

We provide a range of services to support your child throughout their education, preparing them for entrance exams and school life in the UK and international schools across the world.

Residential tutors

Our residential tutors stay with your family in your home country or when you are abroad.  They prepare your child culturally and educationally for school and life in the UK.  We can select tutors who have a range of accomplishments beyond the usual.  They can work with your child for just a few weeks or a number of years.  We select tutors carefully to make sure they integrate smoothly into your family life and become a valued member of your household.

Live Online tutoring

We have thousands of UK-based tutors who can help develop your child's language skills as well as their ability in the subjects where they need support.  They use a secure system combining Skype with an online whiteboard to provide an environment that's very similar to one-to-one tutoring.

Support for your child at boarding school

We offer a number of tutor hosting placements during school holidays for children not returning to their home country or while staying with the UK guardian.  We can also provide tutors to work with students in school to develop their language skills and make sure they keep pace with their academic lessons.

Schools advisory services

Our team of advisers have worked in schools and have excellent knowledge and contacts within the British education systems.  They can help you evaluate the best options for your family in a number of ways and are available for consultations both in person and via Skype.

For more information please call our team on +44 845 644 5452.

Easter revision courses

11+ and 13+ Easter revision courses. Click here for further information on all upcoming academic and special interest courses and workshops.

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