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"It has been a pleasure to work with Fleet Tutors on a number of their one-to-one government tutoring programmes. Fleet have been highly organised & friendly, with excellent tutoring & support." Tutor: Stuart Gallacher - Coventry, Warwickshire
“He is extremely happy with tutor and says that contacting Fleet Tutors is the best decision he has made. Patricia is absolutely instrumental and has built W's confidence up so much.” Tutor: Patricia Carter - Farnham, Surrey
“Sue has been excellent. She and G built up a great relationship. G learnt a lot and enjoyed doing so. I would have no reservations recommending Sue. Professional and friendly at all times.” Tutor: Susan Halten Fleet - Hampshire
“Very helpful, with a gentle facilitating style. Exactly what was required - thanks!”
Tutor: Maurice Tigwell - Church Crookham, Hampshire
“Jennifer had a calm, confident, inspiring approach and developed an excellent rapport with my daughter who was, initially, extremely unwilling to receive tuition. Thank you.”
Tutor: Jennifer Nicholson - Sandhurst, Berkshire
“Teaching skills fantastic, my son was engaged and never complained about having to do study. Joel was always punctual, flexible and unobtrusive in the house. I would highly recommend him. Many thanks!”
Tutor: Joel Parsons - South West London
“We thought Carolina was great and will probably have her in again in the future for subsequent children as they need extra help later on. Many thanks again for excellent organisation.”
Tutor: Carolina Sawney - Bloomsbury, London
“My daughter's tuition with Helen has finished and we just await the exam results! Regardless of how they turn out, Helen was an absolutely great tutor - really committed, flexible, and good with the student.
Tutor: Helen James - Brighton
“Clara was wonderful and the student really enjoyed her tutoring with her. The student has now finished her GCSE course and taken all the exams so this tuition has now ended.
Tutor: Caroline Taylor - Farnborough, Hampshire
“Emily did a terrific job working with the student and I would highly recommend her to any of your other clients. Thank you.”
Tutor: Emily Redman - Teddington, London
“We should have approached Fleet tutors earlier! The sessions were helpful and the student has increased confidence for the exam having had Andrew.”
Tutor: Andrew John Withers - Chessington, Surrey
“Can I also add that Velu has been great, he was keen from the start – is always very punctual, his communication is excellent and he is proving a caring, thoughtful and very effective tutor.”
Tutor: Velu Yogendran - Hampton, Middlesex
“We were really impressed with Greg and I know that the student both liked him and respected him. He was excellent.”
Tutor: Gregory Eze - Staines, Middlesex
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Press articles

Fleet Tutors has been featured in the national press below:

The growth of the private tuition industry
The Centre for Market Reform of Education, November 2011
..... Leading the way in investment in best practice is Fleet Tutors, a company with national reach that has developed a new delivery model to the dominant agency paradigm. Fleet Tutors take their fees from the client (parents), as opposed to the tutors that register with them......

Hands up who needs a new primary school
The Telegraph, March 2012
"... and fathers are seriously considering private education, despite the economic situation,” says Mylene Curtis, director of nationwide chain Fleet Tutors.

Pack a Tutor in Your Holiday Luggage
Private Schools Revealed magazine, June 2011

Students seek private tuition to prepare for University
The Guardian, December 2010

Top Up Fees
Education Investor, March 2010

Tutors cash in as exam time looms
The Times, 10 April 2010

telegraphComing to a screen near you: an online tutor
The Daily Telegraph, 5 March 2010

Ten top revision tips
The Daily Telegraph, 6 February 2010

Poor schools fuelling boom in private tuition
The Daily Telegraph, 18 January 2010

Anxious parents fuel boom in tutors
The Sunday Times, 17 January 2010

Grammar school applications soar
The Daily Telegraph, 3 October 2009

Out of nursery, into the rat race
The Guardian, 20 June 2009

Failing schools spark private tuition boom
Daily Express, 12 June 2009

Rising numbers of families hiring private tutors, says Sutton Trust
The Daily Telegraph, 11 June 2009

Boom in use of private tutors among state pupils
The Guardian, 11 June 2009

Undergraduates turn to private tutors to pass their exams
The Daily Telegraph, 8 June 2009

Undergraduates are hiring private tutors
The Sunday Times, 7 June 2009

Behind on exam revision? Call in a tutor
The Independent, 3 May 2009

Tutors buck recession, but will their stock fall?
The TES, 20 March 2009

Right-click here to download pictures. To help protect your privacy, Outlook prevented automatic download of this picture from the Internet. The Tutoring Boom
Fleet Tutors, a company that has 30 years’ experience and has matched over 28000 clients with 6900 private tutors across Britain, says the biggest change in...
Financial Times – 23 January 2009

Grammar school places in demand

The Daily Telegraph, 19 Sept 2008

Extra Help to gain a place
Financial Times, 13 Sept 2008

Peak time for the private coaching industry
The Daily Telegraph, 18 June 2008

Can a tutor help your child to make the grade?
The Independent, 30 March 2008

A class of their own
The Daily Telegraph, 29 Feb 2008

Anxious parents propel boom in tutoring
The Daily Telegraph, 04 Feb 2008

Three-year-olds are sent to private tutors
The Daily Telegraph, 25 Nov 2006

The school with no limits
TES: The Times Education Supplement, 19 Sept 2008

Why checks are always in fashion
The Weekend Telegraph, 23 Feb 2006

Pedagogy in the parlour
The TES, 24 February 2006

And what about private tutors?
The TES, 20 January 2006

A British Schooling – from India.com
The Sunday Times, 14 Aug 2005

School’s out
The Economist, 25 June 2005

Private tuition
TES: The Times Education Supplement, 13 May 2005

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