The Fleet Tutors approach

Personalised learning, focused on results

Tutoring is effective when it is personalised to each child. We only work with tutors who understand how to do this. Of course, it is important that they have current subject knowledge… but we also make sure that they have the skills to build a rapport with your child and encourage participation in their learning.

Tutoring has to be based on a real understanding of a child’s level of knowledge and attitude to learning. That’s why assessment, both formal and informal, is an important part of setting up a private tuition assignment. Our tutor will speak to you to get your views on your child’s learning and, if appropriate, to the child’s school teacher as well. They will talk to your child and where necessary, do formal tests. That way, you know your tutor will develop a programme that delivers the results you need.

Results come in many guises, it may be a specific grade in an A level, or a booster in a particular subject to restore confidence and participation in learning. Our tutors and our client services team will make sure we understand your goals and work towards them.

We know it works because we are diligent in identifying the outcomes or results you want at the outset of an assignment and making sure that this is measured throughout the education programme.

And our tutors will keep you informed. They will give you direct feedback on progress and performance and helpful tips on how you too can support your child.