A level, pre U and IB tutoring

A levels, IB and Pre-U  |  Years 12 and 13

Sixth form can be a challenging time for a teenager, with university choices resting on the outcome of the results of just three subjects. Students need to combine a strong grasp of the subject both factually and conceptually as well as having secure understanding of exam technique for the specific boards and subjects they are studying.

Our team of A level tutors have extensive experience of helping students through their exams. They focus on where the gaps are working in a way that works for the individual teenager.

When results come out in August, our tutors are just as interested in results and achievements as you and your child!

University preparation

Sixth Form is also the time that students make decisions about university.  Applications are finalised and students take exams for courses like Medicine and Law and interviews for Oxbridge take place, usually in the autumn term of Year 13. 

It can be a stressful time for teenagers contemplating their future at the same time as preparing for exams... and also for their parents.  We have a number of private tutors who can advise on the choices available as well as prepare students for entry to UK, US and European universities.

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