Useful tips to help your child feel positive about tutoring

When it comes to tutoring, some children positively welcome the idea, whether it be in preparation for exams or to give them additional help in a subject area they are finding tricky. Some children on the other hand, could feel nervous about the prospect of one-to-one sessions whilst others might regard tutoring as simply “more homework”. Read more

Helping your child feel positive about tutoring

Parents will be all too familiar with the struggle it can be to get their children to knuckle down to their homework. Read more

Entrance exam series: nurturing entrance exam success through tutoring

Although children progress at different rates, to get a good start at secondary school, pupils need to be at a certain level at age 11, whether they are going on to a comprehensive, a selective grammar or a private school. Support prior to this transition point can avoid a lot of anxiety and build confidence. Read more

Entrance exam series: when is the right time to start tutoring?

Increasing numbers of families are turning to tutors to help their children get the most out of their primary education but many parents are unsure about the best time to use them. Read more

GCSE options part II: making subject choices in year 9

GCSEs are likely to play a more significant role in university applications than in recent years. The government has scrapped the two-part A level, which means lower sixth formers no longer have AS level grades to show to admissions tutors. GCSE scores will now be the only concrete evidence of academic ability so securing good grades in a respectable number of subjects, rather than mediocre ones in a swathe of exams, is the key. Read more

GCSE options part I: helping your child choose in year 9

The spring term in year 9 is the time to start thinking about GCSE choices. Engaging early with your child gives both of you time to do some research, consider the options and select the best path thus, averting last minute arguing and panic. Read more

Breaking down barriers

Fleet Tutors will be 40 in 2017, so we ask Managing Director Mylène Curtis how things have changed over four decades. Read more

Exam countdown: how to make the most of that last-minute revision time

It’s the start of the Easter holidays and exam time is almost here. There are only a few short weeks left before GCSE and A-Level exams kick off and the pressure is rising for students revising. Read more

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