Jun 29

Does Poor Attendance Really Have an Impact on Student Learning?

A register is taken at each and every class a student attends, but does it really make a difference if a student misses lessons due to a short illness, the dentist or a doctor’s appointment? Or even more controversially, a family holiday? Absence from lessons raises a host of questions...

Nov 17

11 Plus DIY Preparation Tips

Parents… Have you ever felt confused by all the advice on offer from schools, websites, other parents...? Or ever wished you could just lock a group of education experts in a room together, and not let them out until they've told you how to get your child ready for the...

Jul 13

Useful Tips to Help Your Child Feel Positive About Tutoring

When it comes to tutoring, some children positively welcome the idea, whether it be in preparation for exams or to give them additional help in a subject area they are finding tricky. Some children on the other hand, could feel nervous about the prospect of one-to-one sessions whilst others might...

Jun 14

Helping Your Child Feel Positive About Tutoring

Parents will be all too familiar with the struggle it can be to get their children to knuckle down to their homework. For those who are thinking about tutoring, helping their child to feel positive about the prospect of working with a tutor is the key to family harmony. Parents...