Aug 30

Post exam: moving on from failure

August can be a tense time for GCSE and A level students and their families. In an ideal world, every hard working student would secure the grades they needed to go to their first choice university or sixth form and study the subjects they are interested in But for some, it may not...

Jun 29

Does Poor Attendance Really Have an Impact on Student Learning?

A register is taken at each and every class a student attends, but does it really make a difference if a student misses lessons due to a short illness, the dentist or a doctor’s appointment? Or even more controversially, a family holiday? Absence from lessons raises a host of questions...

Jan 31

Promoting Wellbeing in Learning: A Place for Private Tutoring

Growing up today seems to be harder than ever. Children and young people face a host of pressures that were unheard of only a few decades ago. The omnipresence of social media and an increasingly screen based lifestyle, if not managed, can lead to stress and lack of sleep. According...

Apr 26

GCSE Options Part II: Making Subject Choices In Year 9

GCSEs are likely to play a more significant role in university applications than in recent years. The government has scrapped the two-part A level, which means lower sixth formers no longer have AS level grades to show to admissions tutors. GCSE scores will now be the only concrete evidence of...