Aug 30

Post exam: moving on from failure

August can be a tense time for GCSE and A level students and their families. In an ideal world, every hard working student would secure the grades they needed to go to their first choice university or sixth form and study the subjects they are interested in But for some, it may not...

Apr 30

Exam Season Series: Mylène Curtis Advises on Managing Stress

The teenage exam years, right on through to university, can induce anxiety with a small 'a' because of the sheer onslaught of academic workload. Young people can struggle with both time and expectation management; knowing what they should do and when they should do it. Sometimes, if you have a...

Nov 17

11 Plus DIY Preparation Tips

Parents… Have you ever felt confused by all the advice on offer from schools, websites, other parents...? Or ever wished you could just lock a group of education experts in a room together, and not let them out until they've told you how to get your child ready for the...