Jul 13

Useful Tips to Help Your Child Feel Positive About Tutoring

When it comes to tutoring, some children positively welcome the idea, whether it be in preparation for exams or to give them additional help in a subject area they are finding tricky. Some children on the other hand, could feel nervous about the prospect of one-to-one sessions whilst others might...

Jun 14

Helping Your Child Feel Positive About Tutoring

Parents will be all too familiar with the struggle it can be to get their children to knuckle down to their homework. For those who are thinking about tutoring, helping their child to feel positive about the prospect of working with a tutor is the key to family harmony. Parents...

May 16

Unlocking doors with foreign language tuition

Parents are turning to private tutors more and more to boost the foreign lanugauge skills of their children. In some cases it is to provide language skills not yet being catered for in school such as Russian or Chinese or they are doing it to give their children a head...

Apr 20

Give your Child the Gift of Language

In the UK, we're always much maligned for not really having a history of learning any other language except English. This is a shame, since we're so close to many wonderful countries on the Continent, yet we stumble around with one or two words or phrases, not really immersing ourselves...