Relocation – language training and education advice

Fleet Tutors creates personalised programmes for executives and their families locating either to the UK or abroad.

Our tutors and advisors work with the family and their relocation consultant to devise relevant programmes for English language training and cultural orientation.  Our teams are used to working with executives and families from across the world to help them settle into UK life. 

  • One-to-one language tuition is the fastest way to develop proficiency in a language.
  • Our tutors create a programme adapted to the specific business and social environments.  It’s personal, discreet, quick to deliver results and makes the training completely relevant to the individual, focusing on elocution or written skills as needed.
  • We have advisors who are independent education consultants; they do not receive commission from any education establishments.  They can advise the family on the British education system and create a bespoke introduction to the educational options and schools open to the family. 

International private tutors

Fleet Tutors’ team of international tutors have a wide variety of experience across all levels of education and with executives from across the world.  With hundreds of tutors in London and thousands across the UK, we are always able to match a family with tutors who meet their specific needs.

For further information, please contact Mary Swindale at

or telephone  01252371731 Option 1.