Fleet Tutors International

Fleet Tutors serves our international clients and students through:

Our Live Online and residential tutors are qualified, experienced tutors trained in the UK with established track records of enabling students to achieve their academic goals. Our Schools Selection Advisory Service helps busy international families identify the best schools in the UK for their children.
Established 35 years ago, Fleet Tutors is Britain's largest tutoring service provider and has been providing online tuition, in addition to face-to-face since 2004. If you currently reside in the UK and would like information on our services in Britain, please visit www.fleet-tutors.co.uk.

What is Live Online Tutoring?

Live Online Tutoring is when tutor and student who are not in the same location use the Internet to teach and learn remotely. The tutoring occurs "real time." This means the live lessons are not recorded in advance, so they are entirely tailored to the needs of the individual learner.

Fleet Tutors does not outsource the provision of online tutoring to overseas call centres. Our Live Online tutors are selected from the highest performing tutors across the UK who have established track records of delivering results online. They are also experienced at helping students win places at British, American and international schools, colleges and universities. Our Live Online tutors are:

  • Experienced and trained to deliver Live Online
  • UK based tutors- fluent in English
  • Very experienced in the National Curriculum and International Baccalaureate
  • Teaching and learning using voice-over IP (e.g. Skype) and Interactive white boards to tutor real time.
  • Online assessment available which specifically measures a child's ability and performance levels
  • Highly tailored to individual needs- no pre-recorded lessons
  • Interviewed and enhanced CRB checked
  • All subjects and levels from primary through A-level, IB and university
  • SAT tutoring also available for US university entrance.

What are Residential Tutors?

Residential tutors live with a family and provide part-time or full-time education in place of or as a supplement to school. They can work on a short term basis (e.g. a week's holiday) to a longer term arrangement of a year or more.

Fleet Tutors has placed residential tutors with families in many countries for discerning families with a broad range of requirements. The tutors are usually selected from our own network of tutors with established track records of success. We can also specifically recruit for clients to fulfil individual requirements.

Schools Selection Advisory Service

The British independent school system has held a long held reputation as having the most sought after schools and many would claim the best schools in the world. If you live abroad and would like in depth, tailored advice on finding the right British boarding school for your child, Fleet Tutors can help through our Schools Selection Advisory Service. If you are planning to relocate back to the UK, having educated your children abroad, our Schools Selection Consultant, can help identify the right school for your child.

For further information, please e-mail client support@fleet-tutors.co.uk or telephone 01252371731.

Further information on Fleet Tutors is available at www.fleet-tutors.co.uk