School-Led Tutoring Grant

The School-Led Tutoring Grant Explained

The School-Led Tutoring Grant is one of the three National Tutoring Pillars available to all academies and state-funded schools in England. 

Schools and academy trusts can use the grant to source tutoring and whilst you are expected to prioritise disadvantaged and vulnerable students who need support to catch up with their learning, you also have the flexibility to select pupils who you feel would benefit from additional support. 

Schools can choose between using internal teaching staff, sourcing local tutors or giving their students access to online tutoring. 

There’s no application process, and the funding is automatic, but schools will be required to complete reporting in the form of this tracker, for the Department for Education which demonstrate how funds are being spent. 


How Much Will Schools Receive & When Will The Grant Be Paid?

The School-Led Tutoring Grant is an add-on to offer learners from Year 1 – Year 11 extra support after missing months of classroom-based learning. 

Each school will receive funding of £203 for 60% of their pupils eligible under the premium pupil fund, this represents 75% of the tutoring costs and schools will need to source the additional 25% through other budgets. 

If you are a non-maintained, including specialist school and units, you will receive £529 per pupil for 60% of your pupil premium cohort. 

Maintained schools will receive their payments on the last day of  September, December and April 2021, whilst academy trusts will be October, January and May. 

As the grant is an automatic payment, there’s no need to apply, and the money should automatically go to eligible schools across the UK. 

Is My School Eligible For The Grant?

As long as you’re a state-funded school or academy trust, with students in years 1 to 11 that are eligible to receive the pupil premium, you’ll have access to the school-led tutoring grant. 

This includes all local-authority primary and secondary schools, special schools and academies, alternative provision schools and academies and hospital schools maintained by a local authority. 

Whilst the grant is aimed at supporting disadvantaged pupils eligible for the pupil premium, you can use it to source extra tutoring for any child that would benefit from the support. 

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Yes, both funding streams are independent of each other. For the second year running, Fleet Tutors is an approved National Tutoring Provider. We aim to support schools in understanding how best to utilise the funding available to support disadvantaged and vulnerable students.

NTP funding has set  criteria, i.e. 65% of pupils selected for the programme should be eligible for pupil premium, and pupils can access one x 15-hour block of tuition.

The School-Led Grant offers schools flexibility in the delivery of tuition, i.e. selection of students, number of hours of tuition and subjects.

Schools could offer students one block of 15 hours of tuition with NTP and further tuition using the School-Led Grant. Whilst the Grant cannot be used to fund the NTP programme; schools can use an approved NTP provider to deliver tuition under the School-Led Grant.

One-to-One Y Y
Small group tuition Y (Up to 3 students) Y
In-person Y Y
Online Y Y
Hours per pupil 15 Flexible
No of subjects per pupil 1 Flexible
Subsidy 70% 75% (£13.50 p.p)



At Fleet Tutors, we’ve supported many learners to achieve academically. We know that a good school or academy trust will be able to identify key areas for improvement and seek the input of each teacher to ensure you allocate funds to the students most in need.
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Tutors You Can Trust
  • Highly experienced and qualified tutors
  • Rigorous recruitment and vetting process
  • Selected for subject knowledge and ability to engage with students
  • Variety of subjects, levels and exam boards
Private tutors

Alicia G

Primary Qualification:

MA Performance - London


English, Music, Functional Skills View More


Alicia has been tutoring for eight years, supporting students with English language and literature at all levels and for all major exams. She has also worked with mature students to build confidence in their study of English and achieve the qualifications they need to progress.

Thomas C

Primary Qualification:

MRes Human Biology - Loughborough


Maths, Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, P.E View More


Thomas is a qualified science teacher with 10 years of experience working in schools and further education. With a strong track record in scientific research and having reached international level in sport, he can offer students a great deal of inspiration and motivation to help them achieve their full potential.

Birendra S

Primary Qualification:

BSc Electrical Engineering - London


Maths, Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Entrance Exam, Engineering View More


Birendra is a qualified teacher with a Post Graduate Certificate in Education and a Diploma in Education from the University of London. He is also a member of the Institute of Physics and a Chartered Physicist.

School-Led Tutoring For Core Subject Areas

Fleet Tutors can enhance the learning experience and help your students get back on track by delivering bespoke support in the following subjects: 

  • English: KS1 – KS4
  • Maths: KS1 – KS4 
  • Science: KS1 – KS4 
  • Modern Languages: KS1 – KS4 
  • Humanities

Whether a pupil requires extensive support or would benefit from some help to catch up with their peers, our tutors will deliver a bespoke learning programme that provides young people with the skills to succeed. 

Bespoke Student Reporting System

If you decide you’d like to proceed with Fleet Tutors, you’ll work with a dedicated tuition coordinator to define learning objectives and goals for each pupil we support. We also use a unique student reporting system (STEPS) to track attendance, goals and progress. 

Anyone involved in the educational support for the student can access this information, and your coordinator will discuss further plans of action as the tuition progresses. 

We’re Results Focused

Tutoring is so much more than teaching a particular subject; it’s about allowing students to develop academically and succeed. We don’t just measure results on how we help a learner grasp a topic but also evaluate how our tutors support a pupil emotionally. 

Many of our learners go away with more self-esteem and the motivation to pursue their goals in the future. 

Book a Free Consultation With Our School Liaison Officer

If you’d like to discuss how Fleet Tutors can support your students, please don’t hesitate to book a free consultation with our school liaison officer. There’s no charge, and we’ll be able to explain our unique approach to providing a bespoke learning experience. 

Frequently Asked Questions About The School-Led Tutoring Programme

The Department of Education has stated that schools can use their discretion to decide which pupils are in most need of the extra funding – including children that aren’t part of the pupil premium programme. 

As schools will have to contribute 25% of the tuition costs and will be expected to pay higher rates in the future, they should focus on offering extra academic support to pupils that will benefit most from the academic support. 

Schools can also source small group tutoring services or try an online tutoring programme which gives their students more flexibility.

The School-Led Tutoring Grant will cover 75% of  tuition costs UP TO £13.50 p.p.p.h. Our rates indicate our commitment to providing young learners with the skills to succeed and the high-quality tutors that represent our company. 

Our rates are highly accessible, but if you’d like more information on subsidised tuition, you can contact us or visit our National Tutoring Programme page to view the prices.

In short, yes! We offer one-to-one and small group tuition both online and in-person. 

This mean that tutors can gain valuable insights into where each child struggles and provide in-depth reporting so your teaching staff can monitor progress and academic needs in the classroom. 

They also encourage high attendance rates because students who might struggle with particular subjects will find that they’re strongly encouraged by their private tutors. With the extra support, they will catch up with their missed education.

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