Fleet Tutors Public Sector Division

Fleet Tutors works with over 50 local authorities and virtual schools across the UK supporting students with supplementary provision and alternative provision (AP) requirements. 

The situations of the students we support are many and varied.  They may be multiple excludees, have medical needs, temporarily lack a school place, or be a teen parent, young offender or traveller.

What is consistent is the way we understand and adapt programmes to each student’s situation; selecting the most experienced tutors and programme leaders to design tailored interventions and approaches.  Our goal is always to maximise the potential, progress and attainment of each individual.

Fleet Tutors’ understand the need for organisations to be able to demonstrate how well they support the learning and development of every student.  We respond to referrals quickly and our experienced tuition co-ordinators are at the end of a phone to help progress assignments.   

Our Fleet Tutors’ AP programmes are designed in the context of the statutory requirements for AP, with a clear focus on outcomes and cost effectiveness.  This is evidenced by good programme documentation, detailed management information and, most importantly, collaborative relationships with everyone who surrounds the student - our clients, tutor team and other stakeholders.

These are some recent case studies from the last academic year.

Re-integration of year 7 student

AL is 11 years old and has a diagnosis of extreme ADHD for which he controls through medication. He has had multiple exclusions from school as a result of his challenging violent and disruptive behaviour.

AL initially accessed 1:1 tuition with Fleet Tutors outside of school in a local library. After a short period of intervention, focusing on his social and behavioural skills, he was able to continue his 1:1 tuition back within his home school.   His tutor built a positive working relationship with him and he soon began to engage confidently in learning supported by a tailored timetable, defined tasks and positive behaviour management. AL, with on-going Fleet Tutors support, positively reintegrated back into his year 6 classes.  He continued with supplementary catch-up tuition throughout his year 6 to prepare him for transition to Key Stage 3 at his secondary school.

AL has successfully joined his new school and continues to make positive progress in year 7.

Combined academic and therapeutic support for GCSE success

RM is a young female who suffered with an extreme anxiety disorder which prevented her from being able to attend school. As a year 11 student, she was becoming increasingly anxious about her GCSE examinations.

As a consequence of her disorder, RM had experienced a great deal of interrupted learning and required home tuition in the core subject areas to support her through to the GCSE exams.

Fleet Tutors placed three subject specialist tutors with RM to support her learning and provided a tutor with professional therapeutic experience to coach RM in anxiety and stress reduction techniques. Fleet Tutors’ AP team co-ordinated all the reasonable adjustments and special consideration provisions with the exam centre for RM enabling her to successful complete her studies and sit her examinations.

RM’s GCSE results were released in August 2015.  She achieved: Maths B; English Literature: B and Religious Studies B.  She is progressing to A’ level studies.

Supporting GCSE attainment following permanent exclusion

AK had been permanently excluded from mainstream school at the end of his yearn 10. Unfortunately a year 11 school place was unavailable and AK was offered a part time timetable at a local Support Centre. Fleet Tutors were engaged to provide supplementary 1:1 tuition for the additional hours to meet his statutory provision and support him through to his GCSE examinations.

AK was tutored by subject specialists in English, mathematics and science throughout his year 11 and successfully attained C’s in English and maths and a D grade in Core Science.  He has since enrolled in a local college and has commenced a Level 3 accounting course.

Progression for student with complex needs

TY, a 15 year old young male, had been diagnosed with complex childhood autism, presented with significant sensory needs which severely impacted on his ability to engage in learning. His language communication skills were significantly impaired due to the severity of his delayed language development.

TY demonstrated extreme behaviours prior to our tutor working 1:1 with him. These behaviours expressed themselves through acute rocking, self-harm, destruction of property and soiling.  Following intensive Fleet Tutors’ intervention, TY anxiety behaviours significantly reduced allowing him to sit for up to 20 minutes engaged in learning with his tutor. He can now complete a 28 piece puzzle and count beyond 10 independently. His extreme behaviours have subsided and he no longer attempts to harm himself.

We are continuing to work with TY and will be supporting his transition into a specialist school during the coming academic year.