GOAL - online educational assessments

Fleet Tutors offers an online assessment solution which can assess precisely how your child (age 5-14) is performing in terms of National Curriculum levels, sub levels and relative to their peers. After your child has completed the assessment, your Fleet Tutors consultant or tutor will inform you and your tutor precisely of your child's areas of strength and weakness so that tuition can be highly focused and tailored from the start. The online assessment is emailed to you and is fun and easy to use; no installation is required.

GOAL: Enhancing the quality of teaching and learning

Fleet Tutors now offers an innovative online assessment system called Goal for 5 to 14 year old children which precisely measures pupil performance and progress in Mathematics, English, and Science. After each assessment is completed, a report is produced which indicates a child's precise level of achievement and outlines specific topic areas where the child needs to improve in order to excel in years 1 through 9.

Measurable outcomes. Showing progress, raising self-esteem, achieving goals

Separate GOAL assessments can be conducted at the beginning and end of a tuition programme to show whether or not progress is made using quantitative measures. This helps monitor the effectiveness of the tuition. Also, in a matter of a few sessions, pupils can see evidence of their progress, which helps raise self-esteem and increase motivation.

These assessments are supported by the National Association of Head Teachers and the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust.

Baseline Assessments- Maths, English and Science

GOAL online assessments are used to baseline assess pupils against National Curriculum assessment foci. These provide full diagnostic and formative feedback that identifies pupils' strengths and weaknesses. This can then be used to support effective target setting and therefore ensures that teaching and learning is highly focused

Fun, engaging and child-focused

The tool uses fun, engaging and interactive assessments written by experienced practitioners to assess specific areas of the National Curriculum and support personalised learning. The assessments are not timed and can be saved and completed at a later date, allowing pupils with special needs to take time out if needed.

SEAL- Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning

If you feel that your child is not performing well at school due to possible social and/or emotional difficulties, this assessment will help you identify what is troubling your child. For further information, contact rose@fleet-tutors.co.uk

Delivery: face-to-face with the tutor or parent/carer

Assessments can be conducted with the tutor present to help reassure, encourage and support the pupil. Alternatively, assessments can be easily completed without the tutor present, for example with a parent or guardian. Either way, assessments are delivered and marked online. Reports are then generated and sent by email. Fleet Tutors' Education Services Team provide a pedagogical and technical telephone support service for parents or guardians using GOAL.

For further information contact: 01252371731

Example of a GOAL report - Download PDF