Client testimonials

“Lucy really helped build my daughter's confidence, as well as teaching her new skills in Maths and English. She pushed her gently and made her believe that she could do it - and she did! We are delighted to have received offers from a number of schools, and couldn't have done it without Lucy.”

Private Tutor: Lucy B
School Entrance & Latin Tutor – Kingston, Surrey

“Excellent tutor- Absolutely brilliant. Highly recommended.”

Private Tutor: Morag R
French & German Tutor – Fareham, Hampshire

“Really lovely chap. He has understood and listened to my son and his needs very well, and has adapted his teaching style to suit. Always on time.”

Private Tutor: Rob K
Maths & Physics Tutor – Farnham, Surrey

“Robert was extremely patient and importantly, made the tutoring fun for my daughter, which really helped her engage and definitely increased her confidence.”

Private Tutor: Robert J
School Entrance, Drama, English, Philosophy & RE Tutor – North London

“Louise has been brilliant with M. She has been so patient and worked very hard with her. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend her.”

Private Tutor: Louise S
Primary Tutor - Fleet, Hampshire

“Total breath of fresh air! He totally inspired my wilting 14 year old making science come to life. Brilliant .Thank you!”

Private Tutor: Andrew M
Maths, Science, History, Business & International Relations Tutor - Hook, Hampshire

“Wonderful teacher -I loved her, as did the children, full of inspiration and knowledge- an absolute delight.”

Private Tutor: Amanda W
School Entrance, English, History & Primary Tutor – Wilmslow, Cheshire

“Zlatka is very dedicated and generous with her time and energy. She was really engaged in teaching my son.”

Private Tutor: Zlatka S
Drama, Film Studies & German Tutor - North London

“Beverley and my daughter are getting on very well and most importantly Beverley is inspiring confidence in her abilities. She is learning but having fun at the same time.”

Private Tutor: Beverley R
School Entrance, Primary & Science Tutor – Maidenhead, Berkshire

“She has caught A up from below average grades to above average grades. He now enjoys maths lessons instead of being resistant to learning maths.”

Private Tutor: Sahar R
Maths & Science Tutor – Mithcam, Surrey

“E gets on well with Patricia and as a result her confidence has risen and she has gone up a class in Maths at school. We are very pleased”

Private Tutor: Patricia P
Maths Tutor – North London

“Louisa is a calm and encouraging tutor which is exactly what M needs to gain confidence and understanding in a subject that has made him panic when he looks at the questions in the past. Thank you.”

Private Tutor: Louisa H
Primary Tutor – Thame, Oxfordshire

“Both tutors are very good, reliable and punctual. They have motivated my 17 year old son who was de-motivated coming up to his AS retakes. I thoroughly recommend both of them.”

Private Tutor: Laura M
History & Sociology Tutor – Esher, Surrey

“Totally what we were after! Professional, reliable and she certainly knew her subject and was able to work really well with my son. An absolute find. Thank you!”

Private Tutor: Teresa H
Geography Tutor – Basingstoke, Hampshire

“S has had 3 lessons so far and has really benefitted from them - she is not easy to please with tuition but she was happy with her lessons with Andy and would like to continue. She is particularly happy about the fact that he also teaches her exam techniques as well as the subject. I will recommend Andy as a tutor always and plan to continue for my other kids as well.”

Private Tutor: Andy H
Science & Live Online Tutor – Bognor Regis, West Sussex

“My daughter who is about to graduate with a BA in Graphic Design Communication was helped greatly with her dissertation in respect of the structure/argument/written expression. The tutor was able to give her very worthwhile guidance and was a marvellous help - C is very grateful.”

Private Tutors: Clara Agnes W
English Tutor - South East, London

“Mr Bruku was a fantastic tutor. He assessed our daughter before tutoring sessions began. Based on this he devised a teaching plan and informed us of expected progress she should make. Mr Bruku's manner is calm and reassuring. He is an extremely patient tutor who gives encouragement to his pupil through the session. He always arrived on time. I would recommend Mr Bruku to any parent.”

Private Tutor: Sam B
Primary Tutor – East London

“After years of working with tutors, Ms. Skinner is the best we have met. She understands the balance between humour and insistence on effort. She knows the subject matter and pedagogy. She has been a marvel.”

Private Tutor: Deidre S
Primary Tutor – West London

“A delightful and endearing tutor Roger is thoughtful and very kind in his instruction and style.”

Private Tutor: Roger C
Business, Economics, ICT & Maths Tutor – Chippenham, Wiltshire

“Imran has been a fantastically thorough chemistry tutor to A. He has raised her understanding of the subject and her performance at school dramatically and I would recommend him with no reservations whatsoever.”

Private Tutor: Imran E
Science Tutor – North West London

“Angela is a very gentle, encouraging tutor. She helped C understand topics in a manner that wouldn't be forgotten. C liked her very much and came away with much more confidence in her own ability.”

Private Tutor: Angela B
Geography, Maths & Science Tutor – Reading, Berkshire

“I took to Stephen straight away. I find him kind, patient and encouraging. Our younger daughter has already asked for him to tutor her when she's older.”

Private Tutor: Stephen W
School Entrance, Maths & Science Tutor – Heathfield, East SussexHaslemere, Surrey

“Dr Issa was a lovely tutor who had a calm, friendly manner. She worked conscientiously through the 11 + material. As a primary school teacher myself, I found it interesting to see the methods taught by the tutor differed from the way we teach in primary school. Many thanks to Dr Issa.”

Private Tutor: Dr Razao I
School Entrance, Maths & Science Tutor – Purley, Surrey

Private Tutors Special Offer

School selection consultancy service

Our School Selection consultants advise parents and children on choosing the right school

Every child is unique. From how they learn, to how they perceive the world and interact with others, to how they imagine their futures, all children are different. Therefore, all children and young people deserve a school where they can thrive and reach their potential. Parents now worry more than ever before about how to make sure their child's experience at school is a happy and fulfilling one. Fleet Education Services' School Selection Consultancy can help. It is generally agreed that school is one of most influential factors in a child's life and in many cases one of the more significant financial decisions you will make. Our School Selection Consultancy gives parents comprehensive advice and support in guiding them throughout the complicated and sometimes stressful process of choosing independent (or selective state) school for their children.

Fleet Education Services' School Consultancy works on behalf of the family to choose the school which is right for your child. Unlike some other schools consultancies, we do not accept fees from schools, so our advice is objective and impartial. While we have excellent relationships and deep understanding of the ethos and aims of many different schools, our overriding goal is to find the school that is most suited for the individual child, rather than the other way around.

Why use a School Consultant?

  • You would like the reassurance you are making the very best decision for your child.
  • You simply do not have the time and/or knowledge to go through the whole process on your own.
  • You are moving to a new location in the UK or maybe moving to the UK from overseas.
  • You live internationally and would like your child to board in the UK.
  • You are trying to decide between state and independent education.
  • You are confused by "the system" as you are new to the independent sector.
  • You realise that choosing schools is much more complicated and time consuming than when you were a child and simply need help.
  • Your child is not thriving at his or her current school.
  • You would like an unbiased, second opinion on what school is right for your individual child.
  • Your child has special needs.
  • Your child is gifted.

Whatever your reasons, we recognise that this is one of the most important decisions you will make in your child's life.

What does our School Selection Consultancy Service involve?

In-depth meeting between parents and schools consultant

The service starts with a meeting in person or telephone/Skype conversation with one of our schools consultants. The purpose of this meeting is to get a full picture of the parent's and child's requirements. This meeting can include the child or young person, when appropriate.

This discussion will initially seek to gain an understanding of the academic, social, and emotional needs child including:

  • academic ability
  • personality
  • interests- sports, music, art, drama etc.
  • strengths and weaknesses
  • special needs
  • attributes parents would like to see developed in the child (e.g. confidence, leadership, attention span, teamwork, kindness, assertiveness etc.)
  • aspirations of the parents for their child

This discussion will include defining a range of criteria which include but are not necessarily limited to:

  • age of entry (4/7/8/11/13/16+) or whether options exist for entry at alternate times
  • coed or single sex; day or boarding
  • academically selective or mixed ability
  • culture and ethos of school desired (traditional, progressive, alternative etc.)
  • independent or state school
  • urban, suburban or rural campus

Carefully tailored list of recommended schools

The schools consultant then uses the information obtained in the meeting to create a carefully tailored list of recommended schools which she feels best meet the needs of the child. Sometimes the parents are happy at this stage to narrow down the list themselves through reading prospectuses, websites, schools guides etc. and making phone calls to determine vacancies and arrange visits. If this is the case, the schools consultant is available at all stages to discuss choices, provide advice on application approaches, preparation for entrance tests, interviews and to guide them until the offer of a place is secured.

Consultant-led school search

Some parents, especially those who are overseas, or who are extremely busy, choose to have the consultant contact schools on their behalf, determine whether vacancies are available and discuss the child and family with the school.

Some schools consultants are also available to accompany parents and children on visits to the schools themselves. Parents find it is useful to have an objective second opinion on whether the school is right for their child and visiting the school with the family can facilitate the discussion.

For further information on our School Selection Consultancy service telephone 01252371731 or email