Fleet Education Services Ltd. is the largest supplementary education service provider in the UK, with over 3,000 tutors nationwide, and over 40 years’ experience in providing individual and small group tuition.

Fleet Tutors works with over a third of UK Local Authorities and 100’s of schools, providing individual and small group tuition to approximately 4000 students each year. We are recognised nationwide for delivering high quality provision, effectively and efficiently with exemplary positive outcomes for our learners.

Fleet Tutors supplementary and alternative education programmes for schools offer a child centred 1:1 and/or small group provision, focused on embedding a culture of high expectations, emphasising personalised academic and developmental progression, offered across the full curriculum throughout key stages 1 to 5. Tuition can be provided during or after the school day, on school premises, in student homes or any appropriate venue as specified by our clients.

Individual Tuition recommended as a highly effective use of Pupil Premium

The Education Endowment Foundation research on using the Pupil Premium to raise achievement has evidenced the effectiveness of one-to-one tuition and measured accelerated learning by 5 month’s additional progress. Our own research agrees, indicating that 1-2-1 tuition with Fleet Tutors raises attainment by a full NC level.

Fleet Tutors understand the need for organisations to be able to demonstrate how well they support the learning and development of every student. By selecting the most experienced tutors and programme leaders to design tailored interventions and approaches, our goal is always to maximise the potential, progress and attainment of each individual student. We respond to referrals quickly and our experienced tuition co-ordinators are at the end of a phone to help progress assignments.   

Services for Schools

Catch-up tuition one-to-one- at school or at home. For young people who have fallen behind or who have other challenges, individual tuition can be the most powerful intervention in terms of enabling academic catch up, improvements in confidence and more effective engagement in classroom learning.

Catch-up tuition- small groups. Likewise, small group, targeted intervention can make the difference to progress for students struggling in a mainstream classroom. Our subject specialist tutors have evidenced outcomes across the key stages and are up to date in National Curriculum delivery, Progress 8 and particularly the maths and English GCSEs.

For children needing personalised support during the primary-secondary transition, our specialist primary tutors are skilled in partnership working with receiving schools and delivering bespoke programmes, supporting below L4 children and enabling a smooth start to learning in year 7.

Exam Revision-small groups. Our personalised, small group exam revision classes, delivered at the school’s convenience in the run up to any examination series, can transform outcomes; differentiating for weaker students and accelerating stronger students.

Alternative Provision. Fleet Tutors AP Service is a full or part time education provision for those at risk of exclusion or unable to fully attend school. Our bespoke, personalised academic programmes are tailored to the social, emotional and academic needs of the young person and aim for reintegration or a smooth transition to further learning. AP for schools can be provided on site, or at a sourced, risk assessed venue.

Summer Schools. Fleet Tutors’ successful Summer School Programme can be tailored to the requirements of the individual school and targeted cohorts. Specific proposal available on request.

All our Supplementary Education programmes include:

Assessment: Continuous assessment, recording and reporting complements initial baseline assessment appropriate for the level of learning or behavioural difficulties.

Individual Education Plans: Formulated on a weekly basis to include personalised learning goals and targets.

Monthly reports: Tutors provide 4-weekly detailed reports on learning made against targets and measured against levels of progress.

A Dedicated Account Manager and Tuition Coordinator

Alternative Provision Programmes: A separate leaflet outlining all the features and benefits of the AP programme is available on request.

Our Tutors and Ethos

All tutors with Fleet Tutors are rigorously selected, Child Protection trained and Safer Recruitment vetted. They are required to have a minimum of a 2:1 degree in their subject and/or qualified teachers’ status and enhanced DBS certificates, less than three years old.

Our tutors must be knowledgeable, experienced and up to date with current specifications. Most importantly, they must be passionate about their subject(s), possess outstanding communication and listening skills, be inclusive, non-judgemental, flexible and aspirational for all young people.

For more information, about our services for schools and local authorities, please call 0333 920 2545. Alternatively, you can send an email to gscsupport@fleet-tutors.co.uk