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Student Placements available

Listed below are students that currently require a tutor for Government-funded placements. If you would like to apply for any of these positions, please telephone 0333 9202585 A.S.A.P. When calling please quote the reference number or alternatively email your interest to us now

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JobRefPCdeTownSubject/LevelAgeHours per Week
J69863HP14High WycombeMaths KS4 GCSE141 hour per week
J69865HP14High WycombeEnglish KS4 GCSE141 hour per week
J69739SS7BenfleetEnglish KS4 GCSE151 hour per week
J69859TN12TonbridgeMaths KS4 GCSE162 hours per week
J69860TN12TonbridgeEnglish KS4 GCSE161 hour per week
J69858DA16WellingEnglish Literature KS5 A2 level181 hour per week
J69849NN18CorbyESOL Secondary151 hour per week
J69853N18LondonEnglish KS4 GCSEn/a5 hours per week
J69857IG3IlfordEnglish KS3 Secondaryn/a1 hour per week
J69837HA3HarrowESOL Secondaryn/a2 hours per week
J69792CR2South CroydonMaths KS4 GCSE141 hour per week
J69577SE15LondonEnglish KS4 GCSE151 hour per week
J69841OX26BicesterPrimary KS2 Juniorn/a3 hours per week
J69842SO40SouthamptonMaths KS3 Secondary141 hour per week
J69844TW14FelthamHistory KS4 GCSEn/a1 hour per week
J69820MK41BedfordMaths KS4 GCSEn/a5 hours per week
J69811CR2South CroydonESOL Secondaryn/a1 hour per week
J69814CR5CoulsdonFunctional Skillsn/a1 hour per week
J69801HA1HarrowFunctional Skills141 hour per week
J69701DA14SidcupMaths KS4 GCSE141 hour per week
J69795SE6LondonScience KS4 GCSEn/a1 hour per week
J69762SE28LondonEnglish KS3 Secondaryn/a2 hours per week
J69748AL10HatfieldMaths KS2 Junior Primaryn/a1 hour per week
J69698SE9LondonEnglish KS4 GCSEn/a1 hour per week
J69669UB6GreenfordPolitics KS5 A2n/a1 hour per week
J69668BR1BromleyScience KS4 GCSE151 hour per week
J69648SE6LondonEnglish KS4 GCSE163 hours per week
J69603DA9GreenhitheEnglish KS4 GCSEn/a1 hour per week
J69326SE19LondonMaths KS4 GCSEn/a2 hours per week
J69443CR0CroydonFunctional Skillsn/a1 hour per week
J69446DA12GravesendEnglish KS4 GCSE151 hour per week
J69438ME5ChathamEnglish KS4 GCSEn/a1 hour per week
J69467SE14LondonEnglish KS4 GCSE151 hour per week
J69380CR0CroydonScience KS2 Junior101 hour per week
J69363E2LondonBiology KS5 A2 leveln/a1 hour per week
J68873CR0CroydonMaths KS3 Secondary151 hour per week
J69048NW10LondonEnglish KS4 GCSEn/a1 hour per week
J68652NE5Newcastle Upon TyneEnglish KS4 GCSE145 hours per week
J68575EN8Waltham CrossEnglish KS3 Secondaryn/a10 hours per week
J68410SS7BenfleetMaths KS4 GCSE151 hour per week

General Tutoring Opportunities

School Entrance Exam Tutors – We are always keen to hear from experienced School Entrance or Scholarship Exam Tutors in London and throughout the UK. If you have experience of 7/8/+, 11+ and/or 13+ exams, either using the Common Entrance (ISEB) syllabus and/or the 11+ used by your local grammar and independent schools in your area, please email tutorsupport@fleet-tutors.co.uk – it would be helpful if you could provide the names of the schools you have experience of.

Tutors with QTS in London & throughout the UK – Fleet Tutors is seeking tutors with QTS particularly for Primary, GCSE and A Level tuition in core academic subjects. Refer a colleague and earn a Tutor Referral bonus! Visit the Standard and guidelines
to download a Tutor Referral form.

Are you interested in residential tutoring? During the school holidays we usually have a number of enquiries for residential tutoring assignments, both in the UK and overseas, providing great opportunities for tutors with relevant experience and qualifications.

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