A personalised approach, focused on results

Fleet Tutors’ staff have a single aim: to make sure we find the right tutor for you and your child, to provide the results your child needs and the education they deserve.

Talk to our knowledgeable consultants

Effective one-to-one tuition has to be properly tailored to meet the needs of your child. At Fleet Tutors this starts with the first phone call. We have a team of consultants who make sure they understand your requirements so they can find the right tutor for you.

Registering with Fleet Tutors

Our consultant will take details of your requirements and information about your child’s, tuition needs, individual learning style and schooling. They will also explain our services and fees. Should you wish to proceed with registration, you will make an initial payment which includes a search and selection tailored to your needs, and your first hour of tuition.

Selecting the right private tutor

Your consultant selects tutors with the experience, qualifications and approach to meet your needs. They liaise with them on your behalf to identify the right one for you and check they are available when you need them. You’ll usually receive a profile of the tutor in a few days and your consultant will stay in touch with you throughout the selection process.

Preparing the tuition assignment

Once you accept a tutor we will put the tutor in touch with you to organise the timing of your first session. At this session, your tutor will work with you and your child to understand any specific issues, assess ability levels and confirm what you want to achieve from the tuition. It’s how they deliver a very personalised programme for your child.

Making sure you are satisfied

We contact you after your first session to make sure you are happy with the tutor selected. Your consultant will stay in touch with you throughout the tutoring programme to make sure you are fully satisfied with the service you are receiving.


We have an outstanding network of private tutors and education experts who instil confidence and fast-track educational attainment by tailoring their teaching to the needs of your child. Please fill out the form below or call one of our consultants on 01252371731 for a more personal service. We can complete your registration over the phone so our consultants can begin to contact tutors straightaway.

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