Home schooling: Our approach

Our Approach To Home Schooling

Fleet Tutors provides flexible home schooling programmes as every child is different. We work with you to develop a bespoke programme based on your child’s circumstances and educational goals. It could be a fast-track programme to accelerate progression, a maintenance programme to bridge a change in schools or something less intense to re-engage a student with their education. We can provide a programme for as little as a month or for a full school stage, and for all key stages.

fleet tutor home schooling approach

Initial consultation

Our approach to home schooling is highly personalised and our home school manager’s priority is to understand the circumstances and your child’s long-term goals, and emotional needs.

Programme design

We will create a tailored programme of learning, to a timescale that suits you. The home school manager will select and brief the best tutors to match your child’s needs and plan the timetable to suit your circumstances.

Assessments and learning plans

Once a relationship is established with the tutors and your child feels confident, they will organise an assessment and create achievable learning plans and goals.

Ongoing support

Providing ongoing support, advice and tutor management are key elements to our programmes. Our team is on hand to ensure your child’s progress and wellbeing stays on track and they feel confident, enjoy learning and maximise their chances of success.

Home schooling programmes for GCSE and A-level students

When preparing students for GCSE or A-level exams we appreciate the additional challenges of not only choosing the right syllabus but understanding the deadlines for submitting coursework and selecting an independent exam centre.  At Fleet Tutors we can provide the additional support of an experienced programme manager to organise this side of things as well as tracking your child’s progress through regular assessments and communication with your child’s tutor.

You will receive written reports each half term where the tutor will highlight what has been covered that term, how your child has been assessed and how they are progressing.  At the end of the term the programme manager will arrange an online meeting with you and your child’s tutor to give you the opportunity to discuss your child’s progress and to raise any questions.

The programme manager is on hand to support you with any elements of the programme and take away any concerns you may have.

Tutors you can trust

Our tutors are experienced in tutoring a wide range of abilities and age groups including children that have very specific educational needs or mental health challenges.  Tutors can advise and deliver focused tuition at a pace that works for the child through appropriate teaching methods and resources.

All of our home schooling tutors are the most experienced tutors, the majority of whom are qualified teachers, with an excellent track record of successfully providing full educational support to learners.  They are required to keep their professional knowledge up to date and all learner programmes are subject to Quality Assurance.  Our tutors are required to undertake a rigorous induction process and are expected to attend training and Continuous Professional Development programmes whilst they are working with our learners.

We have a team dedicated to listen to your requirements.  An initial conversation about your home schooling requirements with one of our team is the best way to start.  Just call Fleet Tutors on 01252 371731 or email clientsupport@fleet-tutors.co.uk.