Private Physics Tutors

Our Physics tutors can offer general or specific support in any area of Physics. 

Fleet tutors can provide a matched tutor for your specific requirements, whether this be for your child starting to expand into the specific science topics and wanting more confidence to tackle the Newtons theories and calculations or to feed the imagination of the child wanting to learn and explore the stars, space and early years theories of dimensions.

Physics is a broad subject and covers aspects of social sciences, energy, including domestic electricity and solar as well as radiation, waves and nuclear. Fleet Tutors can assist at every step of the way. If your requirements for a tutor and level or topic depth change, they will be able to assist and provide the alternatives to suit your circumstances.

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o assessment of individual needs at every step
o 1-to-1, home, online and group lessons available
o selected tutor network available across the UK
o experienced tutors from KS1 through to IB and University levels


We have tutors who can teach from KS1 level right up to postgraduate degree level, with everything in between. A GCSE physics tutor from Fleet Tutors can help you or your child get more of an understanding about the various principles of physics and learn in a way that is fun and engaging. Similarly, an A Level physics tutor can provide more focused learning as you study the more in-depth topics the subject has to offer.
It is important that when you opt for private tuition, you have a tutor you can trust and know will be able to improve your knowledge of the subject. All our tutors, whether they specialise in physics tuition or any other subject, are required to have relevant teaching or tutoring experience and have suitable qualifications, such as at least a 2.1 degree in their subject or a teaching qualification recognised by the General Teaching Council. All of our tutors are also required to hold an Enhanced DBS.

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Tutors You Can Trust
  • Highly experienced and qualified tutors
  • Rigorous recruitment and vetting process
  • Selected for subject knowledge and ability to engage with students
  • Variety of subjects, levels and exam boards
Private tutors
Frequently Asked Questions

Our physics tutors can cover the syllabus from KS1 to GCSE, A levels and university and postgraduate level. Physics tutors are often used for tutoring students through GCSE or A level examinations; this includes either combined or triple sciences at foundation or higher levels. Our physics tutors can also prepare students for any exam from SATs in year 2 to common entrance exams for independent private schools (11/13+) or even university entrance assessments.

At a higher level physics tends to become more focused and many of our tutors are able to concentrate on more specific areas, from the study of energy and force to nuclear physics. Our physics tutors develop a tailored programme of tuition for each student which starts by completing an Individual Tuition Plan (ITP) with the student during the first tutoring session in order to determine what specific areas need to be covered and to define the tuition goals and objectives.

All of Fleet Tutors’ physics tutors are required to have relevant teaching or tutoring experience. Many of our tutors are qualified teachers; others are experienced tutors with science degrees. All must have up to date knowledge of the curriculum and various exam boards including AQA, EDEXCEL and OCR.

All of our private tutors are required to hold at least a degree in the subject they tutor at a 2.1 or above or a teaching qualification recognised by the General Teaching Council. So in the case of physics all of our private tutors will hold, as a minimum, a physics degree, or a closely related subject, graded at 2.1 or above.

All of our private tutors hold Enhanced Disclosures (DBS), or Enhanced Disclosure Scotland which we check very closely. The DBS are an executive agency of the Home Office which vets applications for people who want to work with children and vulnerable people. We interview and obtain 2 references for every private tutor; one work reference and one character reference. Many of the work referees have worked with the tutor in a teaching environment so they can provide us with a valuable insight in to the way the tutor works with children. The character referee can also help us determine whether a tutor is suitable to work with children due to their characteristics.

All of our tutors are screened very closely by our Tutor Support team.