Private English Tutors

From the basics of reading, writing, comprehension or spelling, to debating, analysing and critical writing there are so many vital parts of English literature and language which, maybe through illness, absence or other factor, have developed into a lack of understanding. This will limit your child in reaching its full potential across many subjects. Perhaps, you are requiring extra tuition for advanced studies and require assistance with critical writing or essays for a degree subject? 

When you hire a Fleet tutor you are employing a specialist teacher to provide a truly bespoke service to your child. Your Fleet Tutor is the best in their field at what they teach, affording you peace of mind that your child is receiving the quality 1-to-1 tuition they need. Fleet Tutors are on hand to find you a local tutor and to ensure that any required changes in tutor are facilitated with as little disruption as possible.

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The benefits of a Fleet tutor
  • assessment of individual needs at every step
  • 1-to-1, home, online and group lessons available
  • selected network available to increase structure or provide support
  • tailored tuition to provide the depth and topic focus required
Fleet Tutors

The advantages of choosing Fleet Tutors to arrange your tuition are extensive, from the get go Fleet Tutors are on hand to advise and guide you and assess the requirements on an educational and emotional basis. This service allows you to relax safe in the knowledge that you will only have the very best Tutors to choose from (each having completed our rigorous 5 stage application process) and that Fleet will ensure the best match to your requirements and the child as an individual. Each Tutor is hand picked and individually screened to ensure that they have the depth of knowledge required to help your child achieve its full potential.

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Tutors You Can Trust
  • Highly experienced and qualified tutors
  • Rigorous recruitment and vetting process
  • Selected for subject knowledge and ability to engage with students
  • Variety of subjects, levels and exam boards
Private tutors
Sarah L

Sarah L

Primary Qualification:

MA English Literature - Edinburgh


English, Drama View More


Sarah is a first class master’s graduate who specialises in tutoring English language and literature from secondary to university level including the International Baccalaureate (IB). She is also able to support students in theatre studies and drama from GCSE to undergraduate level and enjoys that ‘light bulb’ moment of tutoring when a student can successfully grasp a concept.

William R

William R

Primary Qualification:

MSc Social Anthropology - UCL


English, History, Sociology, Religious Education View More


With a PhD in humanities, William specialises in tutoring English from primary (KS2) to A level and has more than 10 years’ experience in the education sector. He is a trained GCSE examiner and has successfully tutored students for the English entrance exams for Dulwich College and King’s College School.

Priya V

Priya V

Primary Qualification:

BSc Human Psychology 2:1 - Aston University


English, Psychology View More


Priya has a degree in Human Psychology and is also a qualified teacher with a PGCE who started her career teaching A level psychology for eight years. She achieved excellent results which led to a promotion to head of psychology. She has a further four years’ experience tutoring children of all age groups and abilities. She tutors a wide range of subjects including English and humanities. She has a passion for education and makes a positive impact on her students’ educational progress.

Whether it’s figuring out the basics of reading at KS1 primary school level, preparing for their 11+ or Entrance Exams, picking apart a classic 20th century text for their GCSE English literature exam, or revising for their English A-Level, a private English tutor can help them reach their specific goal. Fleet Tutors have helped over 100,000 students find a tutor in the UK.

 Each private English tuition session typically lasts for an hour, taking place in the comfort of your own home. But in order for one to one tuition to be effective, it has to be tailored to meet the exact needs of your child. So whether you require home learning or remote learning, conducted online or in person, each Fleet tutor will adapt their teaching methods to ensure that your child receives the best English tuition they deserve.

The level of tuition available spans the education of your child

  • SATs
  • 7+ 11+ 13+
  • Entrance exams
  • GCSE
  • A Levels
  • Resits
  • Degree level

If you’re looking for a private English tutor, Fleet Tutors has a team of English tutors in London and the surrounding counties, who are not only passionate about teaching the subject, but who actively enjoy helping students fall in love with it too. 

We know that for many of our students, English can be a tricky subject to grasp, and sometimes all they need is a private tutor to help them uncover the intricacies of this complex language in a way that works for them. 

Whatever type of English tuition your child requires, you can guarantee that Fleet Tutors has the perfect English tutor to suit them. We take the time to understand your exact requirements in order to supply you with the right English tutor, who will not only build rapport with your child, but who will help them overcome any hurdles and learn to fall in love with the language. 

If your child is having difficulties with any aspect of the English curriculum, Fleet Tutors have specialists from KS1 tutors at primary school level who can help your child grasp the basics of reading and writing, through to private English tutors who can provide university level tuition across the subject or focus on specific elements within critical writing to help develop technical and essay skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

Fleet Tutors work with local authorities and schools, so if your child’s school is unable to provide your child with the additional English learning support that they require, then the easiest way to find a private English tutor local to you, is by getting in touch with Fleet Tutors.Fleet Tutors have English tutors available for all ages and abilities, from KS1 through to further education.

Each private English Fleet tutor will work with your child to help them in their learning and prepare them for educational qualifications and tests. 

From KS1 to GCSE English and beyond, every Fleet tutor has flexibility in how they work, and they will quickly uncover where your child is stuck and how they learn best, in order to support their individual learning requirements. 


This depends on your child’s requirements and location. A Fleet tutor will typically cost between £45-75 per hour. You are paying for their knowledge, specialisation and ability to quickly identify your child’s difficulty and preferred way of learning, allowing for ease of unpicking their learning knot. (£75 is an approximate guide to prices in London )

Please contact us for a bespoke quote.

Fleet Tutors provide a bespoke, personal service for your child, so how long your child will need a private English tutor for will vary, depending on what aspect of the subject they need help with and how long it takes for them to overcome their particular difficulty. 

Before beginning tutoring, to ensure that your tutor understands your child’s specific issues, they will assess your child’s English ability levels and they will confirm with you what it is you want to achieve from the tuition, in order to tailor their approach and create a very personalised English programme for your child. 

Your private English tutor will cover all aspects of English with your child from reading, writing, spelling and comprehension to focusing in particular on the particular requirements of their current syllabus.

  • Primary school English – KS1 and 2, SATS tests, 11+
  • Secondary school English – KS3, GCSE and A-level
  • Essay writing, exam strategy and technique
  • International Baccalaureate
  • Preparation for higher education course entrance requirements