Bespoke private tutoring in London

Winning a place at one of the best schools in London isn’t easy. Fleet Tutors can help you get there with private tuition explicitly designed for your child’s unique needs and learning style. 

Whether it’s preparing for entrance exam preparation, GCSEs and A-Levels, or just keeping up with classwork, we have the experienced professionals who can help. 

More than a matching service, Fleet Tutors works with you one-on-one to understand your child’s educational and emotional requirements. We’ll conduct an assessment and provide guidance to ensure any tutor you select is precisely the right fit. 

Our network of high-calibre tutors can help your child secure a place in an independent, grammar, or sought-after state school. We can also help you build a curriculum for home schooling, and provide the support you need to make it a success.

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Find us across London

The London boroughs of Barnet, Bexley, Bromley, Enfield, Kingston upon Thames, Sutton and Redbridge all have grammar schools. Other boroughs have a mix of top state and independent schools where the entrance requirements can be exacting. 

Whatever your preferred option, Fleet Tutors will instil the knowledge and confidence to give your child the best chance possible.

We specialise in all key subjects – Maths, English, the Sciences and Modern Languages including Spanish, French and German. Our expert tutors will provide all the instruction and attention your child needs to achieve a successful outcome.


Other tuition services in London


Home schooling

A recent study by Schools Week shows that the number of UK children being home schooled has nearly doubled in the past six years. An increasing number of parents are opting for the choice and depth-of-learning home schooling can provide. 

Supporting it with expert tuition can help ensure your child continues to excel academically, athletically, and creatively.  Fleet Tutors offers tailored one-to-one programmes crafted to each individual’s needs, allowing your child to fit their studies into a more varied timetable. 

Visit our Home Schooling page to learn more.


Online tutoring

Fleet Tutors offers live online tutoring with highly-qualified UK-based tutors. It enables students in London or anywhere else to have access to high-quality private tuition.

Our carefully-selected team is specially trained in online teaching techniques and formats. Using Skype and an interactive whiteboard, students can see, hear and speak to their tutor in real-time.  The interactive whiteboard enables sharing of documents in real-time, and each session can be recorded for replay later.

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Tutors You Can Trust
  • Highly experienced and qualified tutors
  • Rigorous recruitment and vetting process
  • Selected for subject knowledge and ability to engage with students
  • Variety of subjects, levels and exam boards
Private tutors
Our tutors in London

Every tutor in our London network is hand-picked and individually screened through a rigorous five-stage application process. We only work with tutors who have the qualifications, character, and depth of knowledge required to help young learners achieve their full potential.

All of our private tutors hold Enhanced Disclosures – up-to-date criminal record checks required by the Home Office for people who work with children and vulnerable people. We check these judiciously while also obtaining sterling work and character references for every tutor. 

Enquire now or call us on 01252 371 731 to find out more.