Hampshire Private Tutors

Fleet Tutors have the professional private tutors you need in Hampshire so call us now on 0333 920 2545 or fill out our online form and find the right tutor today.

Be it preparation for entrance exam, GCSEs, A levels or your child simply needs extra help to keep up with classwork, Fleet Tutors can help you find a tutor that is the right fir for your child.

Gaining a place at one of Hampshire’s grammar schools can be difficult and requires steady preparation for the 11+ exam. Our tutors have excellent local knowledge and have previously helped students prepare to take the 11+ for schools in Portsmouth, Southampton, Basingstoke, Farnborough and throughout Hampshire. We can help you find a local tutor with the most relevant knowledge and expertise.

Private tuition can also be beneficial if students are revising for GCSEs and A Levels. Again our tutors are well versed in the demands of exam papers and will work through past exams with your child. Additionally, tutors may be required throughout the course of the academic year if a student is struggling in a particular area or needs help keeping up with the demands of the curriculum. Our private tutors specialise in all the key subjects – maths, English, and the sciences as well as modern languages, history, geography and more. Browse our list of tutors to find someone who fits your needs or allow us to find the perfect fit.

We have a network of high-calibre private tutors throughout Hampshire who will work with your child towards a successful outcome in their studies, whether that is in a specific subject or in their exam.

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