Retaking GCSE Exams – Resit Maths, English

If your GCSE results weren’t what you were hoping they would be, don’t worry. It can be incredibly disappointing to find you have to resit GCSE maths or English, but don’t look at it as failing, think of it as an opportunity to further your knowledge and build on the education foundations that you have already laid. Undertaking extra tuition in GCSE maths or English is only ever going to boost your learning. It’s a win-win. 


Our specialist GCSE tutors

For your second bite at the GCSE cherry, our specialist tutors will guide you through the course material paying particular attention to the areas you are weakest in, providing you with tailored, one on one teaching, in a supportive and familiar environment, that will enable you to improve your exam results the second time around. 

All of our tutors are not just qualified (they have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in their chosen subject), they are highly experienced tutors with excellent all-round subject matter knowledge. 

But it isn’t just the GCSE course material that our tutors have expertise in, they also know the exam system thoroughly and are the best tutors to help design a revision programme that works for you and coach you towards better exam results. 

Plus, all of our tutors are extremely personable, meaning they will take the time to get to know you, how you learn and understand where you need extra tuition. They will find a way to communicate the syllabus with you that resonates with you, setting you up for future success. 

Whether it’s the course material that you have been grappling with, subject revision or exam technique preparation, our supportive tutors will ensure you are fully prepared and confident when it comes to your GCSE exam resit. 

Resitting GCSE exams

If you need to resit GCSE English or maths exam, you can take them again in November 2019 or June 2020 – this gives you plenty of time to identify those areas that you are struggling with and enhance your existing knowledge. 

To find out more about how Fleet Tutors can help you resit your GCSE exam, please call our team today on 0330 057 2073. We will be happy to discuss your particular requirements and help you find a suitable tutor. Alternatively, click here and one of our team will contact you on the next working day.