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Retaking GCSE Exams

If your GCSE results weren’t what you were hoping they would be, don’t worry. It’s fair to say that GCSE results day is like no other day, and sometimes student’s results don’t reflect the hard work they have put in, nor their true ability level. This is where Fleet can help, with our GCSE resit tutors – offering specialist tuition to guide you through resits, target weak areas and help improve your results the second time round.

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Our private GCSE resit tutors know the importance of having a well-rounded preparation strategy, and will help you get ready in the most effective way possible, not just in terms of the content but also in how mentally prepared you are for resits.

One of the most effective strategies our GCSE resit tutors may use is building you a personalised study plan. With each individual student having areas of strength and areas they need the most help on, having a study plan to tackle key areas is a great strategy they can employ.

GCSE resit tutoring can also help you focus on exam techniques, including time management. Often, it’s not the content learners need some help with, but how to apply it to exams – our tutors can share valuable techniques to help you improve this equally important area.

Stress and confidence can also play a hand in how your exams go on the day. Our GCSE resit tutors are skilled in giving you the confidence and positive mindset you need to go into your exams with, and can help reduce your stress when it comes to resitting your exams.

And remember, you can also resit your GCSE exams in the summer! The best time for you to take them again is dependent on how well prepared you feel going into them.


Our specialist GCSE resit tutors will guide you through the course material paying particular attention to the areas you are weakest in, providing you with tailored, one on one teaching, in a supportive and familiar environment, that will enable you to improve your exam results the second time around.
All of our private GCSE tutors are not just qualified (they have a degree in their chosen subject), they are highly experienced tutors with excellent all-round subject matter knowledge.
But it isn’t just the GCSE course material that our tutors have expertise in, they also know the exam system thoroughly and are the best tutors to help design a revision programme that works for you and coach you towards better exam results.
Plus, all of our GCSE resit tutors are extremely personable, meaning they will take the time to get to know you, how you learn and understand where you need extra tuition. They will find a way to communicate the syllabus with you that resonates with you, setting you up for future success.
Whether it’s the course material that you have been grappling with, subject revision or exam technique preparation, our supportive tutors will help you with specialist GCSE resit tuition to ensure you are fully prepared and confident when it comes to your GCSE exam resit.

To find out more about how Fleet Tutors can help you resit your GCSE exam, please call our team today on 0333 920 2545. We will be happy to discuss your particular requirements and help you find a suitable GCSE resit tutor. Alternatively, click here and one of our team will contact you on the next working day.

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Private tutors

John L

Primary Qualification:

MSc Nanoscale Science and Tech - Leeds


Science, Physics View More


With a first class master's degree in physics, John is a qualified teacher with over 10 years' experience who specialises in physics from secondary to A level. A friendly and encouraging teacher, John prides himself on supporting students looking to boost their grades and their understanding of the curriculum.

David M

Primary Qualification:

PhD Biochemistry - Cambridge


Maths, Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Functional Skills View More


An Oxford graduate with a BA in Biochemistry and a Ph.D from Cambridge, and with over ten years’ experience of tutoring students in maths from KS3 to GCSE level and all three sciences to A level. He has an excellent track record in helping students attain high grades required for university entrance for medicine and other competitive courses. He also tutors students for science 13+ examinations.

Tom H

Primary Qualification:

BA 2:1 Media and English Literature - Brighton


English, ESOL, EFL, Functional Skills View More


Tom is a creative writing master’s graduate who has supported students in English language, literature and creative writing as well as ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) and EFL (English as a Foreign Language). He is able to tutor these subjects from primary Key Stage 1 up to adult learners, including preparing students for the English 11+, and is extremely passionate about being able to make a difference to a student’s education through one-to-one tuition.

So what does GCSE Resit Tuition Involve?

Helping students relieve their anxieties about school work or exams requires learning that is personalised and delivered by tutors with a track record of success. Here at Fleet Tutors, our GCSE resit tuition service is delivered one-to-one, and tailored to accurately match the right tutor to each student based on their individual educational needs.

Parents in need of a GCSE resit tutor either as an additional help during term time to improve on their next exam results in any subject, need not look further than Fleet Tutors. Our tutors are subject specialists, all of whom are Enhanced DBS checked, fully vetted, and experienced at building trust and rapport with students regardless of their age, background or particular learning challenges.

To find out more about our results focused approach to delivering one-to-one GCSE resit tuition in your own home, speak to our knowledgeable team on 01252 371731, option 1.

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