Mar 17

The Benefits of Online Tutoring for A-Level Students

For most students, the A-Levels are nerve-wracking because they directly impact further study options. Securing the right grades can open doors to the UK’s top universities, but many students don’t secure their predicted grades when they take the exams.

It could be due to nerves or a lack of preparation – but there are things you can do to ensure you stay on track with revision.

Online tutoring can help you prepare for the exams and teach you helpful revision techniques so you can conquer your fears and reach your maximum potential.

In this post, we’ll reveal the benefits of online tutoring for A-Level students and examine why good grades are so important.

The Importance Of The A-Levels

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The A-Levels are an integral part of any student’s academic journey. It represents the culmination of two years’ worth of study and is crucial to getting accepted into a top university.

When you take your exams, it’s essential that you get the results you want, but how many students actually achieve their goals?

According to Statista, the most common A-Level grade in 2022 was B at over 26%, while 21.8% of students secured an A. Surprisingly, 11% of students got a D, while 1.6% received an Ungraded mark.

Top Universities Require High Grades

It’s no secret that some universities are more competitive than others. The top universities open up doors in terms of career options, but even good grades aren’t enough to secure a place.

Take a look at the general entry requirements for these prestigious universities:

  • Oxford: A*A*A* – AAA
  • Cambridge: A*A*A* – AAA
  • St Andrews: A*A*A* – ABB
  • Imperial College London – A*A*A* – A*AA (depending on the course).

As you can see, the standard entry grades show that excellent A Level grades are essential if you want to study at one of the highest-ranking universities.

How Online Tutoring Can Help

Tutoring is one of the best ways to prepare for the A Levels and feel confident in your abilities. In the past, students would have to find a local tutor, but the internet allows you to study with an expert, regardless of where you are.

At Fleet Tutors, we offer a range of convenient A-Level tutoring solutions. With a dedicated team of subject matter experts, you get the best possible learning experience.

Here are just some of the benefits of online tutoring.

The bespoke approach

Every student is different and has individual learning requirements. Unfortunately, a traditional classroom experience cannot prioritise the needs of one student, so you might not receive the extra support required to succeed.

Online tutoring is ideal because your tutor can tailor each session to your needs. If there are any topics you struggle with, you can opt to focus on those, which will result in a deeper understanding of the subject area.

Flexible hours

Traditional tuition often has limited availability due to geography or schedule conflicts. With online tutoring, you can arrange lessons anytime or at night to suit your lifestyle.

Most tutors are flexible in terms of when they offer lessons, and we can also find someone who matches your schedule.

Learn valuable revision techniques

Your tutor will also show you how to prepare for the A Levels so that you can feel more confident when you take the exams.

For example, there are a variety of revision techniques that could make studying more effective and help reduce stress. Learning these methods encourages good study habits, which can be invaluable during exams.

Online tutoring is interactive

When people imagine online tutoring, they picture looking at a webcam and talking to their tutor – but this isn’t the case. Receiving tutoring online can be very interactive.

Tutors can use various resources to keep you engaged and make the lessons more enjoyable, including video tutorials, presentations, simulations and interactive exercises.

More consistency

Staying on track when revising is challenging, especially when numerous distractions are around. If you’re trying to revise alone, you might find you procrastinate and check your phone or watch TV – but a tutor will change that.

When you’re in a session, your attention will be entirely on your tutor, so you can stay on track with your revision and minimise distractions.

Consistency is key with revision, and regular sessions ensure you’re doing the right amount of preparation.

Build Self Esteem

Studying is a complex process, and it’s only natural to feel anxious or overwhelmed sometimes. Online tutoring can help you build your self-esteem, as your tutor will provide positive reinforcement and help you conquer your learning fears.

Nerves on exam day can be devastating – especially if they impact your performance – but tutors are highly experienced in techniques that calm your nerves.

Even a slight boost of confidence can be what you need to get back on track with revision and achieve the grades you deserve.

You Achieve Your Grades

Last but definitely not least, online tutoring can give you that extra push to reach your maximum potential.

It’s a great way to get one-on-one help from expert tutors who understand the A Levels syllabus, and – with their guidance – you’ll be able to study more efficiently and develop your understanding of the topics.

Whether you’re struggling with complex concepts or nervous about the exams, tutoring can give you a better chance to secure your desired grades.

Final Thoughts


Getting into a top university is the starting point towards a bright future, where a rewarding and lucrative career is more a certainty than a possibility – and online tutoring can help you achieve your goals.

Fleet Tutors is a specialist tutoring service with decades of experience helping students thrive and prosper.

With a strong commitment to recruiting highly qualified individuals who are experts in their subject matter, we’re confident we can support your learning and revision journey.

Feel free to contact us if you’d like some more information. We look forward to hearing about your A-Level tutoring needs.