Fleet Tutors has a team of private maths tutors who not only love the subject but who enjoy helping their students fall in love with maths too.

For many of our students, we have found that they simply haven’t had their ‘eureka’ moment yet. They just need a maths tutor help them unpick a knot or explain an equation in a slightly different way and all of a sudden, the penny drops and they understand what it is they have been struggling with for so long.

That feeling of helping a student overcome their learning hurdle is one of the most rewarding experiences for both maths tutors and students.

So, whatever type of maths tuition you require, you can guarantee that Fleet Tutors has the perfect maths tutor for your child.

Types of Maths Tuition

Maths is one of the core compulsory subjects students have to take up to GCSE level, and like most subjects, it ramps up in intensity and difficulty for A-Levels. But that doesn’t make maths any less of an exciting subject, just because the complexity of the subject increases.

And this is where a private maths tutor comes into their own. If your child is struggling with any aspect of the maths curriculum, from KS1 at primary school level through to university level, Fleet Tutors has a private maths tutor that can help your child.

To find out more about our maths tutor agency, please call our team today on 0370 218 4709 who will be happy to discuss your particular requirements and help you find suitable maths tuition. If you would like to use our online enquiry form, then please click here and one of our team will contact you the next working day.


A private tutor for maths can help your child with their core numeracy for primary school maths. A maths tutor will support students in their maths preparation for SATs or for entrance exams. Our maths tutors can also work with parents, as well as children, to help you support your child by explaining the ways that maths are taught today.


If your child wants to study maths beyond GCSE level, then achieving that all-important C grade or above is vital to their continuing education. But simply achieving the required grade in maths can be a real challenge for some students – and we can help them get there. And for those students who are aiming for A/A*’s, our maths tutors will support them in their learning achievements.

Our tutors can help your child either through home tutoring or remotely via Live Online, in order to boost their maths skills and improve their grades. We guarantee to find you a maths tutor who knows the syllabus and exam board, so your child can receive specific help where it is most needed.


Our senior maths tutors have supported science, engineering and maths students in passing the modules needed for their A levels and onwards into their degrees. All of our private maths tutors have significant experience in postgraduate maths qualifications, so can address very specific maths disciplines including:

  • Applied maths
  • Core maths
  • Decision maths
  • Discrete maths
  • Further maths
  • Mechanics
  • Pure maths
  • Statistics


Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find a private maths tutor in my area?

If your child’s school is unable to provide your child with the additional learning support that they require, then the easiest way to find a private maths tutor in your area is by getting in touch with Fleet Tutors.

Our maths tutors have been helping students achieve the results they need in exams or with catching up with their peers. All of our private maths tutors have been carefully selected, handpicked to ensure they meet our high standards in order to become a part of the Fleet Tutors’ team.

How do private maths tutors work?

All of our private maths tutors have flexibility in how they work, and it is our sole aim is to ensure that the maths tutor that your child works with, is the right one for you.

In order for one to one tuition to be effective, it has to be tailored to meet the exact needs of your child. So whether you need home learning or remote learning, conducted online or in person, our tutors will adapt their teaching methods to ensure that your child receives the best maths tuition they deserve.

How much does a private maths tutor cost?

This depends on the level of the tutor required and the location. Please contact us for a quote.

How do I get maths tutoring for my child?

If you require a private maths tutor for your child, Fleet Tutors has a team of maths tutors who are capable of delivering private maths tuition from primary school through to university level.

How long will I need a private maths tutor for?

Fleet Tutors offer a bespoke, personal service for each student, and so how long each child will need a private maths tutor for will vary, depending on what they need help with and how long it takes for them to overcome their particular difficulty.

When you arrange for a private maths tutor through Fleet Tutors, we guarantee that we will work with you and your child to get them to where they need to go. Before beginning tutoring, to ensure that your tutor understands your child’s specific issues, they will assess your child’s maths ability levels and they will confirm with you what it is you want to achieve from the tuition so that they can create a very personalised maths programme for your child.

What skills will the private maths tutor cover with my child?

The exact maths skills that your child’s private maths tutor will cover with them will depend on what their specific aims are. Fleet Tutors takes pride in having an outstanding team of private maths tutors and education experts who not only instil confidence in your child but who will fast track their educational attainment by tailoring each student’s specific learning programme to that student.


We have an outstanding network of private maths tutors and education experts who instil confidence and fast-track educational attainment by tailoring their teaching to the needs of your child. Please fill out the form below or call one of our consultants on 01252371731 for a more personal service. We can complete your registration over the phone so our consultants can begin to contact maths tutors straightaway.

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