Fleet Tutors provide traditional face-to-face tutoring in the home as well as a range of other services to support a student throughout their education. Specialist tutors support SEN students and a range of educational advisors can provide advice and consultancy services for everything from assessing a child’s educational needs to helping you select the right schools for your child.

Online services

Students can use our Live Online service to work with their tutor; this can provide continuity of education when a student is on holiday or additional support is needed outside of the timetabled tuition lesson.

Live Online is often used as the main method of tuition.  Students love it; sometimes parents take a little longer to be convinced by the idea.  We offer trial lessons so that everyone can see how the service works and how it benefits education.

Residential services

We have tutors who travel or live with a family to provide continuity of education or support a child who is not currently in education.  A residential tutor can provide both academic support as well as an extra-curricular programme, organising cultural, social and sporting activities to engage the child and provide a well-rounded education.

Advisory services

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