Feb 14

Ideas For Half-Term On A Budget

The half term is well on its way, and with it comes a long time to entertain your kids. Spending on trips out and meals can be tempting, but the cost soon tots up.

If you’re wanting to keep costs down, we’re sharing some of the best budget-friendly ideas for half-term that will keep everyone smiling and feeling entertained. From outdoor adventures to indoor crafting, there’s something for everyone.

Let’s dive into the world of half-term activities that won’t break the bank.

Arts and crafts

The perfect half-term afternoon activity is getting your creative juices flowing with some art projects. Encourage your children to find inspiration and get messy as they discover any talents for drawing, painting or crafting.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to what type of arts and crafts: you could introduce your kids to pottery with air-dry clay, or have them scrapbooking about their family history or a day out you’ve taken them on. Painting, paper mache and making jewellery are some more fun options.

Check out your local area

If you normally jet off on holiday for half term, beat the blues by rediscovering your local area. There are plenty of free things to do like walks, play parks and visiting friends that will help to fill the time and keep your children happy.

You may be pleasantly surprised with how many local activities are arranged for the half-term. From National Trust properties hosting week-long events to your local museum offering free talks for children, it’s well worth looking around to see what’s on.

Venture further afield

If you’re struggling with staying close to home, then look at venturing over to the next town or village for a change of scenery. The new environment will keep the kids entertained while you window shop, check out free exhibitions or simply people-watch.

Many shops and restaurants run free or low-cost meal deals, so research which places offer these discounts to make the most of the trip.

Have a board game day

Board games have skyrocketed in popularity lately, with thousands of new board games hitting the market. You can tailor your board games to whatever age range needed, and you don’t need to spend a lot – a pack of cards will work just fine.

Stick with the classics or try out some of the newer board games. You could play as a family or host a competition where your kids invite their friends to come and play. Chances are, they’ll be kept busy for hours!

Go hiking

A sure-fire way to burn some energy is to take the family on a hike. The fresh air, scenic views and bonding with the kids are unbeatable on a fair-weather day. If you’re hiking with children, choose a shorter, easier trail that will still provide a fun outdoor experience.

Be sure to pack water and snacks, and check the route before you set off. That way, you’ll avoid any navigational mishaps that could throw the day off course and take your kids from happy to tantrum-mode.

Organise a bake-off

If your kids like to use their hands, then try a delicious and fun bake-off tournament. Whether it involves friends and family or it’s just the two of you, your kids are sure to pick up some new skills and have fun.

All you need to spend on are baking supplies. Keep recipes simple to lower costs, like fairy cakes or brownies. You could go all out with judging cards and declaring a winner at the end – be sure to take photos to mark the occasion.

Volunteer as a family

Volunteering is a great way to give back to your community. It’s also a valuable tool in teaching your children social skills, empathy and confidence in their own abilities. Ask your child what causes they’re interested in and seek out a volunteering opportunity that’s relevant.

Animal shelters, soup kitchens and litter picking are all good starting points if you’re stuck. Many volunteer opportunities are flexible and can be done during half-term or on weekends, so it’s a great way to give back without disrupting your schedule.

Go to the library

The library is often a parent’s secret weapon in keeping kids entertained. These learning hubs often host activities, reading challenges and story time for all different ages – and all for no cost.

Take advantage of what your local library has to offer, and encourage your kids to explore the world of books and learning. It’s a great way to spend half-term, and best of all, it’s free!

Create a scavenger hunt

There’s probably nothing more fun for a kid than a scavenger hunt. You can plan out a route, write out some riddles and clues, and decide on a prize for the grand finale.

Host the hunt in your back garden or a local park and let the kids explore to their heart’s content as they look for clues and treasure along the way. If you’re in a city, focus on different landmarks and other interesting sights to make the most of the urban setting.

Have a themed day

Picking a theme for a day of the half-term is very flexible and can be kept as budget-friendly as required. Ask your children what kind of theme they want to focus on like a film, TV show or special interest of theirs.

From there, you can plan out different games, crafts and dress up based around the theme. Go all-out with decorations to set the scene and make special food and drink to mark the occasion. Whatever you go for, your kids are sure to have a blast.

Closing thoughts

Half-term doesn’t have to be a money-drainer for your family. Plenty of free or low-cost activities don’t require much effort, and your kids will surely enjoy them. If you can resist the temptation to spend, it can pay off with happy kids and some new memories made.

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