If your A Level results aren’t as you were hoping they would be, don’t panic! It may seem as though your two years of sheer hard work have been wasted- but they haven’t. No one can have studied a subject in depth for two years without having gained some knowledge. You know far more than you realise and the knowledge you already have will be the basis of achieving greater things if you decide to resit your A Level. So, rather than viewing your exam result as a failure, accept it for what you have already achieved and don’t give yourself a hard time!

When attempting a task for the second time, regardless of what it is, we bring experience to it. So, you will take an A Level resit from the vantage point of experience. You will also have the benefit of additional time to prepare fully for the exam and identify any areas you need to focus on. Being able to identify areas of difficulty is a key study skill and will stand you in excellent stead for university helping you to grow as an independent and confident student.

How Our A Level Retake Tutors Can Help

Once you feel able, think carefully and note down any areas of the course you found most difficult as it is likely to be these are as you will have struggled with in the exam. Refer to any course work you have and any feedback from your teachers. Note general study skills that you struggle with, such as organisation, essay structure remembering quotations, exam timing. Then, jot down any specific parts of the A Level exam paper which were difficult too.

If you choose to retake your A Level and not return to school, then taking a detailed look at your paper/s in question and comparing them with the Mark Scheme and Examiners Report can be a very useful exercise.  An experienced tutor can really help here by going over the paper with you, identifying the areas of focus and putting together a plan of action.

Once you have outlined these areas the challenge is to start to work on them.  It is sensible to focus on one area at a time as this will enable you to focus more clearly and not feel overwhelmed at the amount of study you need to do. An experinced tutor can give you one to one support and give your confidence a much-needed boost. Remember, you haven’t failed, be patient with yourself and give it another try – you’re sure to exceed your own expectations.