Home schooling

Home Schooling

According to recent research, the number of children being home schooled is increasing year on year, with a 40% increase in home schooled children in the last 3 years alone. The figures are set to rise again in the coming years with an estimated 60,000 – 80,000 children in England alone, receiving an education at home.

Deciding to home school your child can be due to a variety of reasons, whether this is due to academic underachievement at their current school, a lack of places at your preferred school, a medical condition that is holding them back, social or cultural differences, a need for an extension of parenting styles such

as permissive, helicopter or authoritative. You may be finding that your child is exceptionally gifted and needs to be challenged more rigorously than their current school is able to.

Educating your child in the UK is compulsory, attending school is not. Where your child receives their education, therefore, is an important decision and one which Fleet Tutors can assist with, at every step of the way, providing the expert knowledge and resources to ensure your needs are met and exceeded as well as adapted as necessary, throughout the course.

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Home schooling case studies

Helping a student with a severe medical condition achieve GCSEs

The student, SW, had been out of mainstream education since primary school, and had many interruptions to her subsequent home schooling due to congenital heart disease; as a result she had fallen significantly behind her age group.

SW wanted to gain GCSEs that would allow her continue to A levels, whilst managing the fatigue and prolonged headaches that were the effect of her illness.

Fleet Tutors developed a 15 month programme designed around the student’s health needs, allowing for frequent breaks during tuition sessions. There was close liaison with the family and student by the Fleet Tutors programme manager. Four tutors in core subjects were selected who could commit to a long term programme. The tutors were sensitive to changes in the student to recognise when she may become unwell and adaptations made as necessary.

By the summer, SW was ready to sit all her exams at the same time as her peers and achieved the grades she needed in five academic GCSEs to be able to progress to A level studies.

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Private tutors

Emma P

Primary Qualification:

PGCE Sec Biology with Core Science - Leicester


Science, Biology, Chemistry View More


An experienced and qualified science teacher specialising in chemistry at GCSE and biology at GCSE and A Level. She is able to provide both online and in-home tuition.

Andrew R

Primary Qualification:

BSc Physics - London


Maths, Physics, Art, Drama, ESOL, EFL View More


Andrew has been tutoring for the last seven years. Educated to master’s degree level, he has an in-depth knowledge of the subjects he tutors. He specialises in working with students aged between 11 and 18 who are at a crucial point in their education and seek desired exam results.

Priya V

Primary Qualification:

BSc Human Psychology 2:1 - Aston University


English, Psychology View More


Priya has a degree in Human Psychology and is also a qualified teacher with a PGCE who started her career teaching A level psychology for eight years. She achieved excellent results which led to a promotion to head of psychology. She has a further four years’ experience tutoring children of all age groups and abilities. She tutors a wide range of subjects including English and humanities. She has a passion for education and makes a positive impact on her students’ educational progress.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you are looking for a tutor to help your child with their GCSEs or to deliver an entire home-schooling timetable of subjects, Fleet Tutors work across the UK to find the best quality UK Tutors. They go through the processes described ensuring they not only have the experience but also to assess their teaching styles and strengths. So whether you are in a leafy village of Farnborough, Hampshire or in central Manchester, Fleet Tutors can work with you to find and arrange the best tutor for your needs – wherever you are based in the UK. Fleet Tutors also offer a range of teaching methods – from face-to-face or online or combined learning options at your home, or alternative agreed location.

This is very much an individual requirement and will depend as much on you as your child. Essentially, because of the nature of home-schooling the number of hours spent per day is drastically reduced, the schedule and learning is a much more focussed experienced and due to the lack of distractions can often deliver academically, the same learning opportunities that a six hour school day provides in just a couple of hours a day. This is of course structured with you and to your specific requirements – making it such a popular solution.