Homeschooling Tutors

Whilst educating your child in the UK is compulsory, actually attending school is not. As a result, where your child receives that education is a very important and sometimes overwhelming decision – that’s where our home school tutoring services come in! Fleet Tutors can assist with every aspect of your journey of making, and are here to provide you with the expert knowledge and resources you need to make sure your needs are met and exceeded.

Some families may choose a homeschooling tutor for their child as a lifestyle choice to allow for travel, relocation or to have more flexibility to allow their child to compete at a professional level in sport, drama or other hobbies. Others may be motivated to investigate alternatives to school due to anxiety, illness, bullying or school phobia – deciding to go down the path of getting a home school tutor is a great way to help your child in these respects.

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It may be that you are worried that your child’s special needs or unique talents are not being fully recognised or supported in the classroom. Whatever your motivation Fleet Tutors can help as we are a leading provider of home tutoring in the UK for children, with over 45 years’ experience in one-on-one tutoring.

Benefits of a homeschooling tutor

  • With a home education tutor, your child will progress faster, in less teaching time, than their peers. In fact, home schooling can be achieved from as little as two hours of professional tutoring every day.
  • The home environment is easier to control – generally much less noisy and hectic than a school.
  • Where your child may initially be anxious or resistant to learning, we can gradually build up their confidence with the help of experienced home schooling tutors
  • You will have more control over the curriculum, choosing subjects which are of particular interest to your child.
  • Your child will receive individual attention from one of our home education tutors, who are not only fully vetted and DBS checked but also are either qualified with QTS or a degree. They can adapt to their preferred learning style and help them succeed.
  • When and where your child is tutored is flexible, affording a better home/school life balance for your child and your family. There are no school runs and holidays can be taken at any time.
Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you are looking for a homeschooling tutor to help your child with their GCSEs or to deliver an entire home-schooling timetable of subjects, Fleet Tutors work across the UK to find the best quality UK Tutors. We go through the necessary steps to ensure our tutors for home schooling are qualified and background checked, and we assess them to understand their individual teaching styles and strengths. That way, wherever you are in the UK (from Farnborough to central Manchester), Fleet Tutors can work with you and arrange for the best possible home school tutor for your child. We also offer a range of teaching methods, including face-to-face and online tuition, a combination of both or arranging for home schooling tutors at an alternative, agreed upon location.

This is very much an individual requirement and will depend as much on you as your child. Essentially, due to the nature of home school tutoring, the number of hours spent per day is drastically reduced; having private home schooling in the UK offers a much more focussed experienced and far less distractions, meaning that academically it can deliver the same learning opportunities that a six hour school day provides in just a couple of hours a day. This is of course structured with you and to your specific requirements – making it such a popular solution.