Private Science Tutors

Science, a core subject available in combined sciences or in detail through a focus on biology, chemistry or physics.

The skills and knowledge the sciences provide are able to develop an understanding of more complex issues and provide evidence-based formulas and experiments to be conducted, researched and reported. These skills are often vital throughout the entire curriculum and Fleet Tutors selects each tutor to ensure the network consists of those that are delivering best-practices teaching methods in a style to suit your requirements.

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The benefits of a Fleet tutor
  • carefully selected, qualified and experienced tutors across the UK
  • tailored learning styles to provide support or set structured standards
  • Fleet Tutors remove the stress and hassle out of locating a tutor
  • 1-to-1, online, home, group and other specialist tutoring available
Fleet Tutors

Each tutor provided by Fleet Tutors is rigorously assessed to ensure that they not only have the exact qualifications required to teach your child, but they are individually selected for both their academic brilliance and their positive attitude towards teaching. 

Every tutor that Fleet Tutors works with is guaranteed to modify their teaching style to meet the educational needs and preferred learning style of your child, helping them overcome their specific hurdle, and enabling them to excel where they once struggled. 


Your child’s Fleet tutor will adapt to meet your child’s requirements, providing one on one tutoring in the familiar environment of your own home, online or at another location, at a time and date that suits your family. Each private science tutoring session lasts an hour and will be tailored to provide your child with the specific assistance they require at their stage in the curriculum.


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Tutors You Can Trust
  • Highly experienced and qualified tutors
  • Rigorous recruitment and vetting process
  • Selected for subject knowledge and ability to engage with students
  • Variety of subjects, levels and exam boards
Private tutors
Jonathan G

Jonathan G

Primary Qualification:

BSc 2:2 Exercise, Nutrition and Health - N'ham Tre


Maths, English, Science View More


A qualified primary teacher who can provide comprehensive support to students from primary Key Stage 1 to secondary Key Stage 3 in English, maths and science.

Gurvinder K

Gurvinder K

Primary Qualification:

PhD Child Psychology - India


English, Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geography, ESOL View More


Gurvinder is educated to PhD level. She is an experienced teacher, examiner, child psychologist and counsellor who has worked with looked after children and students with special educational needs.

Kehinde O

Kehinde O

Primary Qualification:

MSc Computing - Westminster


Maths, Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Entrance Exam View More


An experienced tutor with experience of teaching maths and science from key stage 2-5. Kehinde has worked with a wide range of students including those sitting the common entrance exams such as 11+, 13+ and private school examinations.

Science is what allows us to build our knowledge of the world and understand what is going on around us. Science enables us to create new technology. Science drives innovation, it is a force for good. Science potentially holds the answer to the climate change conundrum. 

Learning science is essential. 

By satisfying your child’s natural curiosity for learning through home tutoring, you will encourage them to explore their world and develop a thirst for knowledge, in particular, linking real-life experience to the topics of the syllabus to allow a more structured thought process of the science being taught.

Private Science Tutor

There are so many reasons why you should encourage your child to learn about science from a young age. Not least because having a firm grasp of basic science will help them throughout their education, but because it can pique their interest in the world around them, setting them up for following this interest throughout the rest of their lives. 

But not every child has an innate love of science, for some it can be confusing and perplexing, and their school simply isn’t set up to dedicate the time to instill in each child a lifelong love of the sciences. 

Which is where hiring a private science tutor through Fleet Tutors can help your child develop a natural curiosity for the subject. 

Hiring a private science tutor can help your child develop essential life skills such as problem solving and research, critical thinking, hone communication skills, both written and verbal, and whilst these aren’t the immediate goals of teaching science to your child, they are important outcomes that will help your child succeed throughout the rest of their lives. 

Every private science tutor that Fleet Tutors works with are highly qualified and have been especially hand picked for their academic brilliance and specialism in their field. They will be matched to your child based on the subject area your child is struggling with, their preferred learning style and their personality. 

Often parents will come to Fleet Tutors after having a worrying report from a parents evening or whilst trying to address end of term concerns. Tutoring is also often the perfect solution to periods of major change, when moving house and perhaps also changing schools. Whatever your reasons, private tutoring with Fleet Tutors will ensure best practices in schooling, delivered by tutors who are involved daily in the relevant curriculum.

We guarantee that your child’s science tutor has the skills and knowledge to help your child pass their 11+, SATs, Entrance Exam, their GCSE science exams, A-level science or beyond.

Often parents will come to Fleet Tutors after having a worrying report from a parents evening or whilst trying to address end of term concerns. Tutoring is also often the perfect solution to periods of major change, when moving house and perhaps also changing schools. Whatever your reasons, private tutoring with Fleet Tutors will ensure best practices in schooling, delivered by tutors who are involved daily in the relevant curriculum. The interactive diagram below shows, at a glance, some of the key topics that Fleet Tutors can deliver within the sciences subjects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Research suggests that in the next decade and well into your child’s future work life, an estimated 75% of all jobs will be in the STEM sectors. This requires them to have not just an understanding of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, but a firm grasp of them. 

And the best time to get your child to fall in love with science is at a young age. And whilst schools have been stepping up to the plate, preparing children for a future in science, not every child will thrive like this. Sometimes children need extra support throughout their education. 

Which is where a science tutor from Fleet Tutors can help.

A private science tutor will come to your house and provide private tuition to your child from the comfort of their own home. Home tutoring is an excellent environment to develop a child’s interest because they get dedicated one on one time with a science tutor who not only understands what they’re going through, but who knows the syllabus inside out. 

So no matter what stage your child is at in their science education – KS1 at primary school, preparing for their GCSE biology, physics or chemistry exam, A-Levels or even undergraduate degree, Fleet Tutors can source you a science tutor who will help your child through their exams and inspire your child to want to learn more and explore the fascinating world of science on their own.

Fleet Tutors have a wealth of science tutors to draw upon. We guarantee to find the perfect science tutor to help your child navigate the complicated science path. Your science tutor will take the time to understand where your child’s issues with the subject lie, which methods to utilise to achieve optimal learning and what is required of them at this particular time in their education. 

Simply get in touch with Fleet Tutors today and a member of our team will start your registration over the phone today. We will begin the process of pairing your child with an outstanding private science tutor and education expert who can instil confidence in your child and enable them to achieve the educational attainment they’re striving for.

Established in 1977, Fleet Tutors has built a reputation over the last 40 years at delivering excellence. We have helped thousands of young people, all with differing abilities and facing different challenges, achieve their academic goals. 

Fleet Tutors provide an excellent home tutoring service. Our specialist team of hand-picked science tutors will provide your child with a highly personal, tailored, teaching programme, enabling them to reach the academic results they desire. 

We can find you a science tutor to help with all exams at all levels, from primary school to entrance exams, GCSE, A-level and beyond. 

Your science tutor will come to your house as often as you require them, at a time to suit your family. Be that after school or at the weekend or during school holidays, we even offer online coaching, residential science tutors and fulltime science tutors. Whatever your science tutor requirements are, we will meet them.

  • All of our highly qualified science tutors have been hand selected
  • Each science tutor will tailor their science lessons to your child’s learning style
  • Your child will receive private science tuition from the comfort of their own home
  • The science tutor won’t move on from the material until your child understands the core, utilising altenative, best practice methods to achieve the curriculum standards.
  • Fleet Tutors provide bespoke, one to one science tutoring