Jan 06

A Level Tuition For Broadening Horizons

A levels typically widen the scope of the curriculum by expanding the number of topics to choose from. Some of these topics like psychology or computer science may not be what your child anticipated, or it later dawned on them that they dislike or find the subject difficult. If this is the case, then personal tutors can certainly help your child to maintain healthy progress and keep them up to speed. Alternatively, you may be taking A level courses yourself and require help, or you may be choosing to study at home during the evenings, which means that A level tuition could be exactly what you are looking for.

A level private tuition

You can rely on your A level private tuition from Fleet Tutors to be the best on offer, since we ensure that all of our teachers hold at least a 2.1 in their chosen subject, as well as a teaching qualification and specialisation from the General Teaching Council. This means that you or your child could be taught multiple subjects by a single teacher on a one to one basis. Teaching in this way cuts out a lot of the fuss and distractions that often occur in a normal classroom. It enables students to ask questions and get personalised and insightful feedback that allows them to develop at their own pace. Without the social pressure of a classroom, some students often find that they are better than they ever thought they were at the subject and therefore, gain confidence in their own abilities.