Feb 09

How to Develop a Tutoring Program That Gets Results

This is What We Do At Fleet Tutors

If you’re a parent with school-aged children, you know how important it is to help them get ahead in their education. One of the best ways to do that is enrolling them in a tutoring program. But not all tutoring programs are created equal. How do you know which one will get the best results for your child?

At Fleet Tutors, we’ve been helping students succeed for over 25 years, but we often get people asking us how we plan and deliver tutoring programmes. So, in this blog post, we’re about to reveal all of our secrets.

Are you ready to learn about our unique process? Let’s go.

Assess a Students Needs

The first step in any tutoring programme is to assess a student’s needs. We take into account their strengths and weaknesses and what they need to work on the most. This information helps us to create a tailored program that will ensure progress.

Set Goals

Develop Tutoring Goals

All students have their own needs, and we consider these when designing a tutoring programme. For example, does the student have exams coming up? Are they struggling with particular topics in a subject?

Goal setting is about discussing the student’s current difficulties and making sure all parties agree on the desired outcome.

We always work with parents, teachers, and students to create an enhanced plan that delivers everything a student needs to succeed.

Evaluate Learning Methods

Did you know that everyone learns differently? In fact, there are four distinct learning methods, including visual, auditory, reading/writing and kinaesthetic.

When designing a tutoring programme, we take these into account and ensure that the student is learning in the most effective way possible.

This might involve using different teaching methods or materials, depending on their preference.

For example, visual learners prefer photos and diagrams, while some respond best to reading materials and writing exercises. An auditory learner responds well to verbal instruction from tutors, and kinesthetic learners are more geared towards practical activity.

A teacher can’t accommodate each learning style, so if a student sways more towards the visual or kinesthetic learning styles, we can accommodate this.

Create a Customised Programme

Once we know what a student needs to work on, we create a customised programme. Our programmes are designed to be challenging but achievable so that students can see results quickly.

At Fleet Tutors, no learning programme is the same because every student is different. Teachers have to follow the general curriculum to ensure all students receive support, which can cause issues for students that struggle in a specific area.

Private tuition is beneficial – because it focuses on the learning needs of an individual student.

Monitor Progress and Adapt Programmes

We continuously monitor each student’s progress and adapt their programme accordingly. Doing this ensures that each student makes progress and doesn’t get stuck on a specific topic.

We also keep parents updated on their child’s progress, so they can see how they’re doing and provide encouragement along the way.

In some cases, teachers might be involved in a child’s tutoring – especially if it’s part of the National Tutoring Programme, but this is to assure the right learning goals are met, and the student can catch up with other class members.

How Do We Support Learning?

Develop Tutoring Support

Developing a tutoring programme is only one element of creating the best experience for students. Most attend tutoring sessions once or twice a week, so we always try to keep our students engaged when they’re away from their private tutor.

Here are just some ways we support learning and enhance the experience to make it more enriching for our students.

Homework Assignments

Our tutors often provide homework assignments as part of a learning programme to enable students to put their knowledge into practice.

Homework is essential because it enables students to work on their own and gives us an idea of how their knowledge is progressing. If there are still issues with a specific topic or learning theory, we can dedicate more time to support the students in future lessons.

Supportive Learning Environment

All Fleet Tutors lessons take place in a private environment with minimal distractions to enable students to focus on what they’re learning and communicate openly with their tutor – encouraging further discussion if needed.

We’re an understanding team of professionals who understand that numerous issues might hold a student back.

By creating an open and honest learning experience, we hope to alleviate each student’s worries and offer a holistic approach to study, revision and skill development.

Enhancing the Experience Through Technology

Technology has become an integral part of our lives, so it’s no surprise that we use it to enhance the learning experience.

Some students prefer to learn visually and others through auditory means – and we cater for all of these needs. In some cases, this might mean watching videos, handpicked by our tutors, or taking part in practical exercises that let students act out their learning.

It’s essential to create an experience that students will respond to, integrating technology into the lessons wherever possible. At the same time, we know that technology is no substitute for humans, so we never lose sight of treating our students as individuals.

Confidence Building

No matter how intelligent a student is, they’ll never achieve their full potential if they’re not confident in themselves.

We take every opportunity to build confidence and make sure students know that we believe in them.

We need to develop the whole person, not just their academic ability, to excel in all areas of life. Tutoring provides the perfect platform to do this and helps students reach new heights they never thought possible.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right tutoring programme is central to students development, and Fleet Tutors offers a full-service experience.

From expanding a students knowledge base to helping them understand their learning style and giving them the confidence to push themselves further, we do everything we can to assure growth in every way.

If you’d like to discuss our one-to-one or small group tuition services, please contact our friendly team. Our experienced tutors can help your child progress in school, achieve excellent exam results and find a new passion for learning.