Jan 22

Do You Need A Bit Of Extra Help Studying?

At Fleet Tutors we provide a national private tutoring service. We match clients with local private tutors. Here at Fleet Tutors we make finding a private tutor simple. Our local private home tutors teach a wide variety of subjects across a range of levels including GCSE private tuition and A Level tutors. We offer quality professional home tutoring in the subjects you need. At Fleet Tutors we also offer live online tutoring both in the UK and internationally. Our team of UK based online tutors have years of experience and provide private tuition in the comfort of your own home.

Personal tutoring

Personal tutoring on a one to one basis is ideal if you are struggling with a particular subject for example Maths GCSE or A Level French. One to one tutoring means you can concentrate on the areas that you most need help with. In the classroom teachers have to cover the set curriculum within a specified time scale if you or someone in your family are struggling with something there may not be time for the teacher to revisit that area sufficiently for you to grasp the issue you are struggling with. Often we feel embarrassed asking for help. The classroom situation is no different. If the rest of your class seem to be picking something up and understanding the concept or section of work it can be a daunting task to speak up and admit to not understanding and needing extra help. The beauty of private tuition is that you can outline exactly what areas of a subject you want to cover. Areas where you need a little bit of extra help or practice. Dealing with a friendly tutor face to face with no one else present takes away any awkwardness you may feel in a classroom situation.

At Fleet Tutors we are committed to helping you get the support and help you need. We have made it our mission to help students achieve their goals and potential with encouragement, understanding and a complete focus on the individual student and their needs. We provide quality private tuition and strive to raise student’s achievement levels and confidence.

Our private tutors are dedicated to helping you achieve your academic goals and ambitions. At Fleet Tutors we give you the self-confidence and motivation to move forward in your chosen subject. We are proud of our result here at Fleet Tutors with 89% of all our students going on to achieve an increase of one or more grades. 51% of students who hire a private tutor through Fleet Tutors go up two or more grades. We have strict requirements when hiring local private tutors so you can be assured you will receive the best tuition and level of teaching possible.

We offer home tutoring in a wide range of subjects including GCSE Maths, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, English, as well as languages and a whole host of A Level subjects. Our tailored service matches you up with a private tutor in your local area who specialises in the subject you require tutoring in. Let us help you get where you need to be.