May 23

Essential Subjects Your Child Needs to Cover

Whether your son or daughter goes to state or public school, you can’t expect them to top the class in every subject. We all have our weak spots, often identified early on when we’re at school. A literature lover may hate maths, a scientist may not have interests in the arts, and so on, but as the school system itself will tell you, it’s good to try and get good grades in what are considered the ‘core’ subjects.

So what are they? English, Maths and the Sciences (Chemistry, Biology and Physics). These are never optional subjects in school, yet some of them aren’t easy. If your child is struggling and has GCSEs around the corner, then it might be time to consider getting them some GCSE private tuition.

Private Tuition

In today’s larger class sizes, there is only so much time a teacher can spend on an individual struggling with one subject, for example, Chemistry. If you were to hire a tutor for some Chemistry private tuition, then there would be more ‘after hours’ time spent on essential theory, the periodic table, chemical compositions and so on. These are things that could crop up in the exam, but may not have been covered in detail during school lessons.

Consider private home tuition to be another form of homework rather than an extended school day. After all, once you’ve passed the trio of ‘core’ GCSEs, there is more freedom of choice to specialise in a particular subject and this is something you could also get a private tutor for too.