Jul 05

Homeschool Tutoring: Why It’s A Great Career Change For Qualified Teachers

You love your job and get that fantastic feeling every time you help a student learn something new and succeed in their studies.

Teaching is your passion because positively impacting your students’ lives and giving them better opportunities for the future is incredibly rewarding.

If only there weren’t so much bureaucracy or constant pressure to meet your quota for exam pass rates.

You know you can make a difference but feel that you lack the opportunity to reach students on a more personal level and give them the learning experience they deserve.

It might be time to leave the classroom.

But how can you carry on teaching if you decide to do that?

If any of this resonates with you, then we highly encourage you to stick around because leaving the classroom doesn’t mean you have to give up teaching.

There are plenty of opportunities to become a homeschooling tutor, and qualified teachers are high in demand for this varied and enriching career.

So, if you’re interested in working with students one-on-one and helping them overcome learning obstacles, read on – because we’re about to reveal what it takes to become a successful home tutor.

Why Do Some Parents Choose To Homeschool Their Children?

There are numerous reasons why parents might choose to homeschool their children, including convenience, special needs and lifestyle choices.

Let’s take a look at them in more detail.

Challenges in the classroom environment

Some parents feel their children are not getting the attention they need in a traditional school environment. With homeschooling, parents can tailor the learning experience to their child’s specific needs and adapt it as they grow and develop.

Students can learn at their own pace and have the opportunity to discover their strengths away from the distractions of a classroom environment.

Special needs/mental health issues

Sometimes, parents choose to homeschool because their child has special educational needs that a mainstream school setting cannot meet.

Homeschooling gives these students the chance to get the bespoke education they deserve, with plenty of one-on-one time with a tutor who understands their unique requirements.

Lifestyle choices

Homeschooling is often the best option for families who travel frequently or live in remote locations.

It allows parents to design a learning schedule that works around their commitments and ensures that their children don’t miss out on an education.

Other commitments

Some young learners might compete in sports or be professional actors and musicians, which means they’ll have other commitments.

While a traditional school environment could get in the way of these activities, homeschooling enables people to fit their education around other commitments.

Why Qualified Teachers Make Great Homeschool Tutors

If you’re a qualified teacher, you’ll have no problems finding work as a homeschooling tutor because we look for professional educators who bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the role.

Here are some skills you need to be successful with your application.

Understanding of the curriculum

Qualified teachers have a good understanding of the national curriculum and what’s expected of students at each stage of their education.

As many homeschool students are teenagers, this knowledge will be invaluable when preparing students for their GCSEs and A-Levels.

Lesson planning

Qualified teachers are experts at planning lessons and designing curriculum materials that engage and challenge students. However, lesson planning for an entire classroom comes with many challenges.

In a homeschooling environment, you get to focus on individual students, giving you more flexibility and the opportunity to get creative.

Support for SEN students

Students with a learning disability require more support than others, and some parents might feel it’s best to give them that attention out of the classroom.

Qualified teachers often undergo extensive training to support students with learning difficulties, mental health conditions and behavioural problems.

Understanding and working with these students means qualified teachers can offer a more immersive learning experience and have the patience to support learners.

What A Homeschool Tutoring Role Can Offer You

If you’re interested in taking on new challenges and helping students succeed, you can join a tutor network to access homeschooling roles.

Aside from getting out of the classroom and focusing your attention on individuals or small groups of learners, there are many other benefits to becoming a homeschooling tutor.

Better working hours

One of the main benefits of becoming a homeschool tutor is improving your working hours.

You’ll be able to plan your schedule and have more time to focus on your home life and relationships.

While some clients might request evening or weekend support, you can specify your preferred hours when applying for roles.

Qualified teachers are always favoured candidates

The number of parents choosing to take their child out of the traditional school environment continues to increase (BBC).

While graduates can become tutors, companies that offer homeschool tutoring will always employ qualified teachers because they have the necessary skills and experience.

If you want to leave the classroom but are worried about consistency, there’s no need because qualified teachers will always find work.

Get back to doing what you love

Working as a homeschool tutor gives you the opportunity to focus on teaching and nothing else.

You probably became a teacher because you love sharing knowledge and watching students gain confidence as they take on new academic challenges.

Becoming a homeschool tutor means you can teach students without the added stress of dealing with entire classrooms, preparing for inspections and managing an ever-growing workload.

Interested In Becoming A Homeschooling Tutor?

Homeschool tutoring can be incredibly rewarding – especially if you’re interested in having more flexibility and working more intensively with students that might require extra support.

At Fleet Tutors, we’re always looking for qualified teachers and offer a constant stream of work for individuals dedicated to working with parents and learners to achieve their goals.

We offer excellent compensation for your services, the opportunity to make a difference, flexible working arrangements and ongoing support to develop your career.

Please feel free to apply to become a tutor and enjoy working with one of the UK’s leading tutoring services.