Dec 08

How Do Private Tutors Help Improve Exam Results?

If your son or daughter is suffering disappointing results at school, in practice exams or day to day work, all is not lost. There is evidence to suggest that a private tutor can help when it comes to taking important exams in the summer. At the latest a tutor should be lined up by the beginning of the calendar year. However, the autumn term is a good time to start tutoring sessions, especially if your son or daughter will be taking exams in the summer or at the beginning of the following academic year (11+). With exams becoming increasingly more important as coursework is reduced further and further, private tuition could make a significant difference to results. But how does a private tutor help certain students when they aren’t getting the results they want?

Help Students Achieve Their Potential with a Private Tutor

If a child is not achieving their potential in a particular subject there are sometimes just one or two areas within that subject that they are struggling with. This will hinder their performance in the subject as a whole and stop them moving forward. Maths is a common subject for this to happen in and is consequently a popular subject to hire a private tutor for. An experienced private tutor will be able to solve problems in different ways until the child can grasp it. Often it is just by using a different approach that makes everything ‘click’. With the right tutor and the right approach to teaching a subject a child can see success and find the motivation they may have lost.

Prepare Students for Exams

Some children will need more exam preparation and practice than others and not everyone will receive the amount they need in the classroom. This is where a private tutor can make a big difference. Ideally parents start at least a year beforehand to make sure their child’s knowledge is secure. In the final term before the exam the tutor can coach a child in specific exam techniques, work through practice papers and create exam conditions so the student will face an exam with the knowledge and confidence they need to achieve the best possible results. This is especially true of children preparing for the 11+ exam. The exam itself involves specific tests which children will not be used to in their day to day studies, such as Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning. A private tutor can help a child feel comfortable with these different methods of testing their abilities.

Improve Confidence

A child who is not getting good results in the classroom will begin to lose confidence in their abilities. It is sometimes the case that there are one or two subjects that a child struggles with rather than all aspects of the curriculum and this is where a private tutor can help, by providing focused help in specific subjects and skillsets. A private tutor will immediately identify areas of weakness and create a tailored programme to improve performance. They will also address age appropriate ways to encourage a more positive attitude to school. A child’s confidence can grow very quickly in such a learning environment.

In private tutoring sessions a child is free from the comparisons to others that are an inevitable part of classroom life. It is important that a child is encouraged to be proud of their strengths and skills and that these are nurtured. A child’s unique talents will quickly be identified by a private tutor and built on. A tutor can also ensure their student is getting the praise and encouragement they will thrive on and ultimately give them more confidence.

Maintain Learning During Holidays

Studying during the holidays can be extremely beneficial for a child who has fallen behind at school or to make up for ‘summer learning loss’. This is especially true of the long summer holidays when the momentum of learning quickly disappears and key concepts and knowledge get forgotten. If your child has important exams coming up, especially the 11+ at the beginning of the autumn term, regular sessions with a private tutor during the holidays can make all the difference.

There are private tutors available in all subjects to help students achieve good results in their exams. Whether a child is underachieving or wants to be stretched further to ensure top grades finding the right tutor can ensure they achieve their potential.