May 16

How Home Tutors can Improve Education

Your child doesn’t have to be struggling in order for you to think about hiring a private tutor for them. On the contrary, you should consider personal tutors to be a supplement rather than a replacement for anything that a pupil may be finding a bit difficult at school.

After all, schools themselves normally do a good job of educating our children. It’s why we make sacrifices to move into catchment areas of good schools, and why we help our kids with their homework. But in this day and age, some parents just don’t have the time or are embarrassed with their own lack of knowledge so they struggle with helping their kids on a one-on-one basis. That’s where a private tutor can come in extremely handy.

Personal Science Tutoring

Take difficult lessons like Biology or Physics, for example. Topics that turn up in exams can be anything from the speed of light to photosynthesis and may not be covered in as much detail as we would like at school because of the sheer breadth and scale of the national curriculum. With increasing class sizes, there is only so much time that can be spent helping kids on an individual basis. This is where Biology tutoring at home could come in (or you could get a tutor who specialises in more than one subject, for example, doing the Chemistry tutoring at home too).

The best part is that if your child IS struggling, then the difficult areas of the subject can be taught patiently, in-depth and at a level your child understands by a private home tutor.