Jan 23

Make English A Priority With English Tutoring

English is one of the most fundamental topics there is, especially since it is often considered the language of business. Succeeding in this subject is therefore imperative and investing in English tutoring could be one of the best decisions you make. At Fleet Tutors we are serious about providing second to none English tutors who hold at least a 2.1 in the subject as well as also having all of the relevant teaching qualifications. They can help anyone at any point in their studies, from KS1 to postgraduate in the number of different sub-disciplines that English embodies. These sub-disciplines could be anything from creative writing, language, and literature to English as a Foreign or Second Language. It also includes having the ability to write well, in a clear and succinct manner that communicates all ideas fully.

English Tutoring and Entrance Exams

We can also teach this fundamental subject as part of preparation for entrance exams for independent and grammar schools. We realise as well that each student will be studying at different paces with different capabilities and goals. That’s why we create a bespoke plan for each student based around an Individual Tuition Plan which helps our English tutors to really tailor their services to the student. There is no point in providing a similar type of teaching method to what the student may or may not already be receiving, so understanding the pupil is at the centre of our pedagogical approach. This helps to build a level of trust rather than teaching pressure on the pupil which can help them to blossom.