Jun 17

Making the most of holiday tuition

With the summer holidays fast approaching, you might be trying to think of ways to ensure your youngsters keep on learning during the long break.

Especially if your kids are falling behind in certain subjects, you might think it’s really important to give them further encouragement and opportunities to progress.

Private Tuition

Family feuds

Simply instructing your children to sit over their study books and do hours on end of homework or revision might be a hiding to nothing. Let’s face it, most youngsters have a rebellious streak and being told what to do by mum or dad doesn’t tend to go down too well.

Rather than arguing with your brood day after day, week after week, it might pay off to invest in private tuition instead.

How we can help

Here at Fleet Tutors we offer intensive holiday tuition that could be perfect for your children. Whether they’re approaching school entry exams, GCSEs, A levels or other tests, or you’re simply worried that they’re falling behind with their school work, our services could be ideal.

Our teachers are adept at making learning sessions fun and engaging, helping to ensure that students can have fun while they learn.

The right balance

No youngster wants to give up all of their precious holidays to sit over their schools books and if you try to get your kids to do this, you could find a serious battle on your hands.

Our approach is to provide intensive teaching in short bursts so that students have plenty of time left for themselves. It’s amazing how much children can learn in a relatively short period of time under the right conditions. Our tutors start by identifying areas of weakness and, using this, they create a customised programme of tuition. This is a highly effective and efficient way to ensure progress.

The packages are flexible and can be scheduled as one or two sessions per week (allowing breaks for holidays away if needed) or they can be concentrated into a single week or two.

Either way, youngsters will still have lots of free time to see their friends, play sports and generally relax.

How less can be more

It’s worth noting that less can be more when it comes to teaching. As a general rule of thumb, two to three hours of one-to-one tuition is equivalent to a full day in a classroom setting.

Confidence Boosting

The great thing about home tutoring during the holidays, whether this is physics tuition, maths tutoring or anything else, is the fact that it can really boost students’ confidence. The extra lessons can help youngsters to catch up to their classmates and even surpass them.

Gaining a better understanding of their school work can help ensure children feel good in their lessons and they should start the new term with a real spring in their step.

Find out more

If you’re keen to find out more about what we have to offer, just take a look around our website or get in touch with our friendly and professional team.