Dec 20

Nurturing Music

Music can be infinitely rewarding, and for a child who has displayed as much interest as talent, it could be all about exposure and quality guidance. At Fleet Tutors we have qualified, experienced teachers who have at least a 2.1 degree to compliment their a grade 8 qualification from the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM). This ensures that they can offer extra guidance and theory pertaining to GCSE and A level grades where necessary. They are also qualified teachers with many years of experience.

Adaptable Tutoring

As with any subject, but particularly with music, a student can display aptitude but not necessarily fulfill their potential. These are often the most challenging students, the ones who perhaps are not benefiting from the teaching practices in their school. The change from a classroom environment to private tuition can be all important for the personal development of the pupil, encouraging them to express themselves in what is a naturally intimate art form. Musical expression has to be derived from an often fearless need to express oneself. The spotlight and fragmentation of a classroom can however bring many issues of its own – not least performance anxiety. Building confidence with one of our personal tutors can have a huge benefit where the pupil comes to trust their tutor who can then give them the benefit of their full attention. The larger problems can be tackled as well as all those smaller niggling issues that often require practise to iron out.

Musical theory is one of the primary focuses of our music tuition. If your child has been struggling in this area, some private time with a teacher can not only make the student feel more important, but they might also begin to improve rapidly. Sometimes, things just need teaching in a different way, perhaps in a more visual or kinaesthetic way, to make sense. Our tutors will utilise their many years of experience to adapt to the requirements of each individual pupil on their chosen instrument, whether that is string, brass, woodwind, singing, or drums.

Personal Development

We have already mentioned the intimate nature of music, and it doesn’t come more intimate than with composition. Of course, frameworks and skills need to be outlined before a student can begin composing themselves. With our tutors however, the student will benefit from those who have the most experience, encouraging where necessary and reformulating where their are issues. Composition is also where personal expression can flower or wilt. Any criticism given in the wrong way can put a person off for life, but our tutors will give constructive feedback that nurtures rather than restricts. This area is all about confidence and composition can come a greater confidence in general life as well.

Peace Of Mind

We get 2 references for every tutor, both a working reference and a character reference. This helps us to choose the best music teachers who can bring out the best in students. Each of our tutors also hold enhanced Criminal Record Bureau Disclosures.