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Education matters gives you access to our professional briefings, as we reflect on the ever changing education landscape. Drawing on the latest in education policy and research, our briefings will help parents understand the current dialogue, challenges ahead and solutions.

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Expertly written with your education concerns in mind, helping you help your child offers practical solutions to specific challenges your child faces in their current year group. Parents can also find useful tips to support their child’s progress through every academic milestone.

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Apr 30

Exam Season Series: Mylène Curtis Advises on Managing Stress

The teenage exam years, right on through to university, can induce stress because of the sheer onslaught of academic workload. Young people can struggle with both time and expectation management; knowing what they should do and when they should do it. Sometimes, if you have a daunting task and it...

Mar 27

Unlocking your Child’s Inner Maths Genius: From Mystery to Mastery

There seems to be a peculiarly British acceptance that some people are no good at maths. The comment is made happily by self-professed 'mathsphobics' in a way that an admission that 'I struggle to read' would rarely be. In China, Japan and Singapore where all children are expected to be a maths...

Jan 31

Promoting Wellbeing in Learning: A Place for Private Tutoring

Growing up today seems to be harder than ever. Children and young people face a host of pressures that were unheard of only a few decades ago. The omnipresence of social media and an increasingly screen based lifestyle, if not managed, can lead to stress and lack of sleep. However Private...

Nov 17

11 Plus DIY Preparation Tips

Parents… have you ever felt confused by all the advice on offer from schools, your 11 plus tutor, websites, other parents...? Or ever wished you could just lock a group of education experts in a room together, and not let them out until they've told you how to get your...