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Education matters gives you access to our professional briefings, as we reflect on the ever changing education landscape. Drawing on the latest in education policy and research, our briefings will help parents understand the current dialogue, challenges ahead and solutions.

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Helping you help your child

Expertly written with your education concerns in mind, helping you help your child offers practical solutions to specific challenges your child faces in their current year group. Parents can also find useful tips to support their child’s progress through every academic milestone.

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Dec 22

Bringing Out the Best in Students with Private Tuition

Not all youngsters are able to thrive in school environments. Sometimes, they don't respond well to the teaching methods used by staff and this can have a hugely detrimental impact on their educational development. Meanwhile, other youngsters simply get left behind because of the pace of lessons and eventually lose...

Dec 15

Private Language Tuition Can Help Open Doors

We live in an increasingly globalised world. Like many people, you might frequently buy products made in foreign countries and even source goods and services directly from abroad. Also, you may well deal with people based in other nations while at work. As communication and transport networks continue to improve,...

Dec 08

Why Private Tuition May be Even More Crucial Now

If you have children who are currently going through the education system, you might be worried for their futures. At least for now, gone are the times when getting through school and then higher or further education guaranteed people a job. These days school, college and university leavers have to...

Dec 05

Home Tutoring is the Ultimate in Convenience

Being a parent is not easy and thanks to the frenetic pace of modern life, it is arguably even more difficult now than it ever has been in the past. One of the issues that may concern you about your child is a lack of progress in education. Perhaps your...

Dec 01

Boosting Confidence Through Private Tutors

Falling behind at school can be a demoralising experience for youngsters. If they begin to struggle to understand what teachers are telling them and what their peers are getting on with in class, they can feel self-conscious and inadequate. Also, it can lead to isolation and frustration. In some cases,...