Jul 07

Prepare your child for entrance exams

Your child will take lots of tests and exams while in school but few will be as crucial as Entrance Exams for a new school. Depending on the opportunities on offer in your area, you’ve probably ranked these schools and are considering which of these options would be best for them. But with limited places, how will you help your child to excel? This blog has a few suggestions.

A quiet space

Your child is probably going to be worried about getting into the school of their choice, and saying goodbye to their friends. So it’s essential to give them a quiet place to revise, away from other distractions. We suggest moving their revision out of their bedroom, and away from any room which is used as a xc1thoroughfare. A quiet room without any other siblings, whose door can be closed, will be ideal.

Structured revision

Help your child to plan their revision. One of the greatest failings of revision timetables is that they’re unachievable. Start small. Setting aside an hour a day for extra study. If your child can work well for this time, then try increasing this time by increments of fifteen minutes.

And what should they revise? Given the choice, we’d all prefer to avoid the topics we struggle with. Take a look at your child’s work and find the areas they struggle with. These will be their topics for revision. Work together to find resources they can use to revise.

Practice papers

While your child may have seen one or two practise papers, their familiarity with the type of questions they will face will boost their confidence during the actual exam. Bundles of past papers are often available to purchase, and we strongly suggest doing so.

Healthy food

Give you child ‘brain food’ during the weeks leading up to the exams to make sure that they’re not feeling sluggish during class. During revision, food is important too. Give them snacks. This will not only act as positive re-enforcement and help them to enjoy their revision time (as much as possible), but they’ll also get a boost of energy, and will study better.

Sessions with a private tutor

There are few revision aids which are as convenient or effective as a private tutor. Their visits to your home will not only affect your child’s results for this one test, but also their future. There will be times when you are not able to help your child with their work, but you can give them the help of someone who can.

Tutors work at your child’s speed – not the speed of the class. Teachers are not able to provide one-to-one tuition, but private tutors can give your child the extra help and attention they need. With a personal approach, tutors can work through topics your child is having difficulty with, and offer different methods.

What subjects does your child struggle with? Are you able to coach them through their entrance exam? Consider your what options are available to you, and take a look at our services and our tutors. With different specialities, they could be the right answer to the question ‘How can I help my child prepare for their entrance exam?’