Aug 15

Prepare Your Child for Life with Private Tutoring

Children may not believe it right now, but their education is very important. By providing the appropriate tools and structure to learn, you will ultimately ensure that they are fully prepared when they enter the real world.

One way to ensure that a child performs to the best of their ability is with private tuition. Whether they are preparing for their GCSEs, A Levels, SATS or just need a little extra help, you should definitely consider personal tutors who can help make the learning process a little easier.

The Best Learning Methods for Your Child
At Fleet Tutors, we can provide professional private tutors who have extensive experience in providing home learning to children of all ages. Unlike in the classroom, our tutors can provide one-to-one support so your child will receive the attention they deserve and need.

Every child has a different way of learning, and our private tutors can adapt their learning methods to suit the child’s needs. This could be incorporating flash cards into revision, providing them with a different way of working out sums or show them how colour-coded revision words can trigger their memory in an exam.

Our tutors will build up a fantastic and supportive rapport with your child, and will therefore create a more enjoyable and relaxed environment that encourages learning.

Therefore, whether you are looking for biology tutors, maths tutors, English tutors or just general tuition, you should definitely contact us today at Fleet Tutors. We have helped many children and teenagers to receive exceptional grades and exceed expectations.

Professional Personal Tutors

All our personal tutors have received full CRB checks so you can rest assured that they will be 100% professional. We don’t accept anything but the best tutors, which is why we turn away over 50% of our applications.

All our tutors must hold a 2.1 degree or higher and/or will have qualified teacher status. We have a thorough interview process which includes reference checks, telephone and face-to-face interviews, document checks and, as stated earlier, CRB checks. We also monitor our tutors on an ongoing basis to ensure that we only provide the very best professionals to our clients.

Affordable Tutor Rates
Our tuition rates are extremely competitive for some of the finest tutors in the UK. While tuition maybe an added expense to your monthly budget, you really can’t put a price on a good education and tuition will prepare your child for the future.

Whatever your child’s age, you can ensure that they will achieve the school grades they need to give them a good start in life – and it could also help them secure a place at college or university.

So, for highly professional and respected private tutors, make sure you come to us here at Fleet Tutors.