Nov 20

Private Tuition on the Rise – is it Right for Your Child?

It’s been revealed this autumn that parents spend £6bn yearly in Britain on private tuition, and the sector is booming despite the recession, with many saying that it’s a necessity because schools alone do not give their child enough learning support in the classroom.

A poll carried out by one educational resource firm found that over a quarter of all parents (28%) supplemented their children’s education with this additional help.

Of the families surveyed, a third of parents responded that their child needed the extra learning since they were not receiving enough support in the classroom at school.

In particular, private tutors have reported a substantial rise in numbers of nine and 10-year-olds being coached through entrance tests, as pupils are increasingly being entered for the 11-plus, since over 10 children are competing for each place in the country’s most popular grammar schools.

Other recent figures from a charity show that over a third (38%) of pupils in London have received maths tuition or some other form of extra help at some point in their academic careers. This figure compares with just under a quarter (23%) nationally.

And some 25% of secondary school students in London were privately tutored in the last 12 months, a rise from just under a fifth (19%) in 2010.

Private Tutoring

Is it right for your child?

Whether you’re considering GCSE tutoring or anything else, be aware that your child might benefit from extra help from a tutor if:

• Their confidence is not as high as you would like it to be
• They need to do well in a particular exam or other assessment
• Their marks are not as high as expected, and you know your child could do better.


• It’s worth talking to your child’s school teacher before hiring a tutor.
• Think about what teaching approach would best suit your child, and where you want the extra sessions to take place.
• Your private tutor must have a valid Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) check.

If you feel your child would benefit from extra tuition, explore all the options carefully.

How Fleet Tutors can help

At Fleet Tutors, we provide a range of services to help students build confidence and develop their full potential. These include lessons online or at home, in the holidays or during term-time.

And we’ve got a huge variety of areas covered, from most of the academic subjects to music, languages and things like study skills. We can help whether your child has just started school or is preparing to go to university.

To assure the quality of our tutors, and to ensure they are passionate both about getting students to reach their full potential and the subject they’d be teaching, we put them through a rigorous selection process. This encompasses interviews, double checking documents and enhanced CRB checks. We also require one work and one character reference.

Then, once they start work with us, we ensure standards by continuously monitoring our tutors.

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