Aug 08

Taking the next step after exam results

Waiting for exam results can be nerve-racking. It’s often really hard to tell how well you’ve done until the scores are right there for you to look at in black and white. If you’ve got what you needed to progress to the next phase of your education, you’ll have cause to celebrate.

However, if you didn’t quite make the grade, it could be time to rethink. You might decide to re-sit the tests and, to help you achieve better results next time round, you could take advantage of private tuition.

Headmaster offers GCSE advice

Writing in the Daily Telegraph, headmaster Richard Cairns offered advice to anyone who doesn’t get the results they’re aiming for at GCSE. According to the expert, re-sits may be the only option for those who ultimately want to go to university. About this, he remarked: “Bluntly, if you got low grades, doors to most good universities are slammed shut unless you are prepared to have another stab at your GCSE exams.

“Your GCSE grades really do matter because, unlike most other countries, British university offers are made before students have actually completed their final qualifying exams – which in most cases is their A-levels. This means that university admissions departments place enormous importance on GCSE grades and leading universities will be looking for a significant number of A* and A grades.”

He added that if the results were marginal, it may be worth looking into re-marks. Otherwise, re-sits could be the way forward. However, he did note that vocational courses or apprenticeships are another option for those who don’t want to repeat their GCSEs.

A levels

Meanwhile, also writing for the Daily Telegraph, Andrew Marszal pointed out that re-sits are an option for those who don’t get the A levels they’re after. However, anyone considering this should be aware that it is “an extremely tough route”, he noted. On this topic, he stated: “It is essential you ask yourself whether it is something you really want, and is realistically likely to improve your grades.”

He added that “universities will want to see that you’ve made good use of the whole year”. According to the writer, this means “balancing your studies with meaningful work, volunteering or travel”. Mr Marszal added: “You can even sit a new A-level if you don’t feel confident that another attempt at a tough subject will improve your grades.”

However, before reaching decisions about re-sits, it’s worth contacting your chosen universities. According to Louise Robinson, headmistress of Merchant Taylors’ Girls’ School in Liverpool, there are indications that universities are more likely to offer places even to those who have dropped a grade this year. This is because 11,700 places didn’t get filled in 2012. Also, if you narrowly miss your grade, it may be worth asking for an emergency re-mark.

How we can help

If you are planning to re-take exams and want to make the most of GCSE tutoring or A level tutoring, we’re on hand to help. Here at Fleet Tutors we aim to enable people to realise their goals for the future through the provision of high-quality private tuition.