Berkshire Fleet Tutors have teams of private tutors who know their local areas and are excellent at helping children prepare for entrance examinations for independent and selective grammar schools, as well as scholarship and common entrance.

Fleet Tutors are here for you if you are planning a relocation to a new area in the coming months/years or if you have a requirement to find an immediate tutor to assist with home schooling, exam revision or extra tuition on subjects or their specific topics. Please contact Fleet Tutors and we will work with you to find a tutor that is local to you in the county of Berkshire and able to provide the style and specialist tutoring you require. 0333 920 2545

Tutors You Can Trust
  • Highly experienced and qualified tutors
  • Rigorous recruitment and vetting process
  • Selected for subject knowledge and ability to engage with students
  • Variety of subjects, levels and exam boards
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