salvete! Linguamne Latinam discere vultis?

Although Latin is often considered to be a dead language our Latin tutors are still very much in demand. Many private schools still teach Latin as a compulsory subject and many believe it should be taught in more state schools. The study of classics is very useful for students passionate about language and word production as many words stem from this Italic language.

What levels do our Latin tutors teach?

Fleet Tutors provides high quality Latin tutors across all levels; from KS1 to university and postgraduate level. Latin is a very popular subject in Private and Independent Schools and many students like some extra support in preparation for common entrance exams; 7/8+, 11+ or 13+.

Do our tutors offer more specific help?

Our Latin tutors develop a tailored programme of tuition for each student which starts by completing an Individual Tuition Plan (ITP) with the student during the first tutoring session in order to determine what specific areas need to be covered and to define the tuition goals and objectives. This is particularly helpful for language tutors as the student may be struggling in particular areas; such as verb conjugations or inflections.

What experience do our Latin tutors have?

All Fleet Tutors’ are required to have relevant teaching or tutoring experience. Many of our private tutors are qualified teachers; others are experienced tutors with related degrees. All must have up to date knowledge of the curriculum and various exam boards including AQA, EDEXCEL and OCR.

What qualifications do our private tutors have?

Our Latin tutors all hold degrees in Latin, or classics, at a 2.1 or higher. If they don’t hold a Latin degree they are required to hold Qualified Teacher Status as recognised by the General Teaching Council in this subject.

How do you know your children will be safe with our private tutors?

All of our private tutors hold Enhanced Disclosures (DBS), or Enhanced Disclosure Scotland’s which we check very closely. The DBS are an executive agency of the Home Office which vets applications for people who want to work with children and vulnerable people. We interview and obtain 2 references for every private tutor; one work reference and one character reference. Many of the work referees have worked with the tutor in a teaching environment so they can provide us with a valuable insight in to the way the tutor works with children. The character referee can also help us determine whether a tutor is suitable to work with children due to their characteristics.

All of our tutors are screened very closely by our Tutor Support team.


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