Fleet Tutors guide to tough new GCSEs

More challenging GCSE courses are beginning to be taught in secondary schools up and down the country, starting with mathematics and English. Read more

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GCSE results

What to do If your GCSE results aren’t what you need. We hope that everyone gets the GCSE grades they want but just in case you don’t get the results you hoped for, here is a quick rundown of the various options that are now available. Be aware that resits are only allowed in maths and English now. In all other subjects you have two choices; remarks or repeat the year, but there are ways to do this without too much disruption to your child’s educational journey. Assess the options below to help you choose the right next steps for your child. Read more

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Retaking A Levels

Are you disappointed with your A level results? If you failed to get the grades you needed for your university or career of choice you’re probably wondering what to do next? There are options available to you so don’t despair. Read more

How to protect your kids from summer learning loss

The school summer holidays are just around the corner; time to relax and enjoy warm days, fun activities and family trips away. But at this time of year, many parents are starting to worry about whether their children will fall behind during those weeks off school. Read more

How to help your child prepare for entrance exams

Your child will take lots of tests and exams while in school but few will be as crucial as Entrance Exams for a new school. Depending on the opportunities on offer in your area, you’ve probably ranked these schools and are considering which of these options would be best for them. But with limited places, how will you help your child to excel? This blog has a few suggestions. Read more

How Does Private Tutoring Help Improve Exam Results?

If your son or daughter is suffering disappointing results at school, in practice exams or day to day work, all is not lost. There is evidence to suggest that private tutoring can help when it comes to taking important exams in the summer. At the latest a tutor should be lined up by the beginning of the calendar year. However, the autumn term is a good time to start tutoring sessions, especially if your son or daughter will be taking exams in the summer or at the beginning of the following academic year (11+). With exams becoming increasingly more important as coursework is reduced further and further, private tuition could make a significant difference to results. But how does private tutoring help certain students when they aren’t getting the results they want? Read more

Nurturing Music

Music can be infinitely rewarding, and for a child who has displayed as much interest as talent, it could be all about exposure and quality guidance. Read more

Preparing young people for the real world of work

Many parents prioritise the classic academic subjects - particularly maths, English and the sciences - when encouraging their children to continue their education. But while it can be relatively easy to find somewhere to study these subjects, it can be much harder to find access to more niche subjects in mainstream educational institutions. Read more

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